Tuesday, January 11, 2022

QUWF Adds “Forest Health” Category to Research and Information Web from a dedicated Forest Entomologist

Buffalo, MO: A main goal of QUWF is to assist private landowners with planning and information that is critical to their forests, fields and waters for all upland wildlife and fisheries. Therefore, the Quail and Upland Wildlife Federation, Inc. (QUWF) added a new Research and Information Category, Forest Health, to its newly launched web site at WWW.quwf.net. “We have already loaded many articles from a Forest Entomologist from the Missouri Department of Conservation that affect Oak forests of the Midwest, along with Black Walnut and Locust trees” explained Alderman.

“As an old Forester, this began when we noticed oak trees dying in significant numbers along powerlines, drive ways and field edges of our land and other members. We noticed an unusual brown ooze coming from the base of the trees and asked to have a Forest Entomologist look at the trees” Craig explains. Arrive Robbie Doeroff, Forest Entomologist, to our office and QUWF farm.

Without a doubt this professional knew her stuff and earns a solid 5 stars for landowner relations ability. “Robbie immediately recognized the type of work being done, equipment uses and began explaining the effects on the forest. She examined numerous trees and immediately found Armillaria Root Rot affecting just about all of the trees. Further, it was farther up the tree than just the root system which means it had been active for many years. She also identified Hypoxylon Canker on the post oaks.

The locations of the rot infection are due to exposure of the trees to more extreme weather influences and some soil compaction due to access and egress roads. The fungus is common in the ground of the Midwest and is amplified by extreme drought, transferring itself through the root systems of trees and peaking some 10 to 15 years after a severe drought which we had in 2012.

“This is the exact information landowners need to know, and her research is well documented in the new web site location. Unfortunately, this infection does lead to killing and eventually removal of the tree before it comes down” Craig said. “That is important to know if you have trees that can take down powerlines, hit homes and barns or block driveways when, not if, they come down” Alderman notes.

Other professional information will be added for other forest ecosystems across the U.S.

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