Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Easton 6.5 Whiteout Offers More Visible Arrow Flight

Salt Lake City, Utah—Easton, the industry leader in carbon arrow development introduces Made-in-USA 6.5 Whiteout carbon arrows for bowhunting.

Easton’s 6.5 Whiteout arrows combine the precision of Easton Acu-carbon with the next evolution of graphics on hunting arrows. Whiteout is designed on a bright white base shaft for increased visibility of flight to the target. This helps identify the broadhead impact point and provide big game blood traceability after the shot. High-strength Acu-carbon draws speed from bows to aid in driving broadheads through big game for more pass-through impacts. 6.5 Whiteout’s precise USA manufacturing process ensures arrows shoot accurately for tight broadhead groups and increase confidence in the shot.

MSRP: $105.99 per 6-pack fletched

For more information on the Easton 6.5 WHITEOUT™ carbon arrow, visit www.eastonarchery.com