Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Outdoor Sportsman Group Digital Platforms Perform Beyond Expectations

Depth of Content Enables Hunting, Fishing and Shooting Sports Sites to Flourish

DENVER – While an unforeseen public health crisis, social unrest and tumultuous political environment have caused numerous, major media corporations in the industry to step back and evaluate employee structure, compensation and overall, best business practices; the world’s leading creator, distributor and aggregator of outdoor lifestyle content - Outdoor Sportsman Group (OSG) – has thrived in this pandemic-ravaged year.

Outdoor Sportsman Group’s media conglomerate is comprised of four linear television networks (Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel, Sportsman Channel Canada and World Fishing Network), streaming video-on-demand platform MyOutdoorTV (MOTV), 16 top-tier and industry-leading outdoor lifestyle magazines (hunting, fishing and shooting sports), as well as 20 original and complementary digital websites. The collective content from these media assets have propelled OSG to new and exciting heights of content creation and distribution, especially in the company’s digital platforms.

October 2020 saw all the OSG websites, in aggregate, post the highest monthly pageview totals for the year. That number soared 29% in October versus one year ago (6.2 million vs. 4.8 million).

Overall highlights for the month of October in the hunting, fishing and shooting sports categories include:

Hunting: The Hunting vertical has posted its best monthly pageview numbers (1.9 million) of the year for the fifth consecutive month and the second most pageviews since October 2018.

  • Every hunting site posted growth in both pageviews and users year-over-year for the third consecutive month.
  • North American Whitetail led the way with near triple-digit percent gains in pageviews (+90%) and users (+94%) in October versus one year ago
    • Petersen’s Hunting trailed closely with gains of 74% and 86% in pageviews and users year-over-year.
  • Game & Fish boasted the largest raw gains in pageviews (+219K) and users (+129K) among OSG’s hunting sites versus one year ago.
  • Bowhunter and Bowhunting posted large percent gains in traffic. Bowhunter was up 68% in pageviews and 84% in users while Bowhunting was up 43% and 51% in pageviews and users, respectively, versus last October.


  • Fly Fisherman delivered the most pageviews and users in the month of October in the last five years.
  • Over the last six months, Fly Fisherman has delivered more users in each month than it had in any month dating back to August 2018.
  • Florida Sportsman posted year-over-year growth in users for the fourth consecutive month.

Shooting Sports: Delivered 2.4 million pageviews in October, up one million pageviews from October 2019 (1.4 million), an increase of 65% year-over-year.

  • All five shooting websites were up a minimum of 35% in pageviews and 43% in users (aka uniques) in October 2020 versus one year ago.
  • Growth was led by Firearms News which posted nearly 900% gain in pageviews (+866%) and nearly 1400% (+1341%) in users year-over-year in October 2020.
    • Firearms News pageview total was the highest for the site in nearly five years (December 2015) and the most users since September 2016.
  • Rifleshooter and Shooting Times posted large double-digit gains in pageviews and users
  • Guns & Ammo trailed only Firearms News among OSG shooting sites in raw pageview (+265K) and user growth (+183K) in September 2020 versus one year ago.

Network Sites:

  • In October, OutdoorChannel+ delivered the most Pageviews (184K) and Users (157K) in a single month since its launch in January 2020

About Outdoor Sportsman Group: Outdoor Sportsman Group is comprised of the world’s foremost media and entertainment brands for outdoor adventure enthusiasts. It includes three leading multichannel networks: Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel and World Fishing Network, as well as Sportsman Channel Canada and MOTV, the world’s leading subscription-based video-on-demand outdoor television content platform. The Group also consists of a number of established publishing assets: 16 outdoor magazines including Guns & Ammo, Game & Fish, Petersen’s Hunting, In-Fisherman and 20 top websites, including OutdoorChannelPlus.com. Additionally, Outdoor Sportsman Group includes television production operations, Winnercomm. For more information, visit www.outdoorsg.com. #MyOutdoorTV



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