Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Dead Ringer Introduces Just Nasty 2.0

Minden, LA — Dead Ringer is pleased to announce the debut of its newest devastating broadhead, the Just Nasty 2.0.

The carbon steel hybrid design creates a massive wound channel, cutting 3/4 inch on contact and deploying for a 2-inch exit wound. Featuring adjustable speed grooves, the Just Nasty 2.0 allows for firing from both vertical bows and crossbows up to 450 fps. The 100- and 125- grain adjustable broadheads with weighted collars boast field-tip accuracy.

To learn more about the Just Nasty 2.0 and browse Dead Ringer’s full lineup, visit deadringerhunting.com.

About Dead Ringer

Dead Ringer is operated by passionate and fanatical outdoor enthusiasts. The company is a leading manufacturer of archery, hunting, and shooting products, offering a comprehensive line of broadheads, sights, and other accessories. A veteran-owned business, Dead Ringer is a Rock Ridge Outdoors company. To learn more, visit deadringerhunting.com.

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