Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Pope and Young to Send Youth Member on a FREE California Black Tail Hunt

We’re Sending One Pope and Young Youth Member on a FREE California Black Tail Hunt

At Pope and Young, we value the youth, and see them as the future of bowhunting. In order to preserve, promote, and protect our bowhunting passion, it has to be passed onto the next generation of hunters. So, we want to send a Pope and Young youth member on a free hunt, tags and license included, a California Black Tail hunt with our good friends from Arrow Five Outfitters.

Next Monday, September 19th, Pope and Young will be drawing one Pope and Young youth member to win this 4-day Northern California Blacktail hunt. We will be announcing the winner on our podcast, available next Tuesday morning, the 20th, wherever you get your podcasts. The youth must be 12-18 in age to go on this hunt, but all youth, ages 0-18 will be entered for our convention drawings in April of 2023.

With a $10 youth membership fee, you’re investing in their future as a bowhunter, and helping to ensure their rights as a bowhunter for generations to come, but also getting the opportunity for not only a FREE hunt, but lots of great prizes next April at our 2023 Pope and Young Convention!

Sign up a youth hunter today to become a member of Pope and Young, or visit the link for more information, https://pope-young.org/products/26911/Annual-Youth-Membership-Under-18-Years- .

Subscribe to the Pope and Young Podcast on YouTube (also available on all platforms where podcasts are available): https://www.youtube.com/user/PopeAndYoungClub/featured .

About Pope and Young:
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