Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Team GAS Bowstrings Podiums Both at Home and Abroad

CLAY CITY, Ky. – GAS Bowstrings shooters were busy this weekend both at the second stage of the World Cup, held in Shanghai and at the 1st leg of the IBO Triple Crown in Pipestem, WV! Not only were these shooters hard at work over the weekend, but many made the podiums as well!

In Shanghai, Mike Schloesser was able to take second place individually! After qualifying in seventh, Schloesser worked hard in his elimination matches posting a 146, two 149s, and a 148 leading up to his gold medal match! In the finals, Mike shot a 148, just a point away from first to secure his second-place finish! He went on to take a gold medal along with his teammates in the men’s compound team matches!

In the women’s compound division, Cho Su A made an incredible comeback from 11th place! Her first three matches were all ties, which she was able to win! Then she won the semi-finals, 145-140, and her gold medal match 146-140!

Team Mexico had a terrific turnout in Shanghai! The women’s team, including GAS shooters Andrea Becerra and Danfe Quintero, finished in first place and the men’s team including GAS shooters Miguel Becerra and Sebastian Garcia finished in second! Then in the mixed team matches, Andrea Becerra and Miguel Becerra finished in third!

Finally in Shanghai, Jyothi Vennam was able to take home another gold medal! She and her teammate were able to take first place in mixed teams finishing one point higher than their competitor, 156-155!

Back in the US, a couple of GAS Bowstrings shooters made the podiums at the 1st leg of the IBO Triple Crown! Sharon Wallace was able to finish in second place overall, Jacob Slusarz was able to finish in third as well as Jamie Drouillard!

Congratulations to all these archers for their hard work and dedication to the sport of archery and for their successes at these recent competitions! As always it is a great honor and privilege that top-tier archers like these choose to shoot GAS Bowstrings! Congratulations again and we wish you even more success in your upcoming competitions!

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