Tuesday, March 30, 2021

“North American Whitetail” Embraces the Future

DENVER – In a time of rapid transition within the outdoors industry, North American Whitetail sees new opportunities to expand its iconic brand and is taking bold steps to capitalize on them.

As part of this shift, long-time Editor in Chief Gordon Whittington has moved into the role of Editor Emeritus, making way for Haynes Shelton to lead the brand's day-to-day content generation as Editor.

"When I hired Haynes as Associate Editor in 2015, it was largely with this eventual transition in mind," Whittington says. "I'd already been at North American Whitetail for 31 years at that point, and I was looking for the ideal protege to take the reins. Haynes has proved to be just that. He has a deep passion for whitetail hunting and management, and he's dedicated himself to producing the best possible content on those topics. There's no doubt in my mind that he, Publisher Laden Force, Art Director Robert Wyszkowski and the rest of the team will continue to drive the brand forward."

“For near four decades North American Whitetail has been a pillar in the marketplace, due in large part to the great leadership of Gordon Whittington," Force said. "We are fortunate to retain him in the Editor Emeritus capacity as he moves into the next stage of his life, but even more fortunate to have Haynes stepping in as his successor.”

"As the dynamic of white-tailed deer hunting and land management content consumption has evolved, we need an editorial director who can carry on our legacy by understanding the growing educational demands and is able to build on the established foundation to create the next generation of NAW," the publisher adds. "Haynes knows the changing dynamics of the industry as well as anybody. We are looking forward to the places he will take this brand.”

Since its founding as a popular magazine in 1982, NAW has been widely recognized as the leading voice in the field of hunting and managing trophy whitetails. In the 21st Century that voice has only grown stronger, thanks to the seamless addition of television, web and social media platforms to reach a wider audience of enthusiasts. Now the talented team stands ready to reinforce the brand's stature as the “go-to” source of information and entertainment for whitetail enthusiasts all over the continent.

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