Tuesday, August 20, 2019

New Bully™ Premium Arrow Vanes Introduced

Easton, the premier archery arrow brand since 1922 has introduced NEW BULLY VANES. Bully Vanes feature a new, rigid material for superior broadhead control with exceptional durability and easy tuning. Bully Vanes use a unique combination tough material that resists curling and a profile that will stabilize all types of broadheads for improved target accuracy. The specifically engineered profiles provide quiet, aerodynamic flight and more arrow control than regular vanes. Ideal for arrows and crossbow bolts.


  • Rigid, more durable material
  • Designed for improved flight in hunting, 3D, and target archery
  • Available in 2” parabolic and boat tail profiles
  • Ideal for both fixed and expandable broadheads
  • Made in USA