Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Hoyt President Randy Walk Announces Retirement

After spending his career building Hoyt Archery into the premier archery company in the world, Randy Walk has announced his retirement effective September 1, 2021.

His journey at Hoyt started as only a college job in 1985 and turned into a lifetime career of 36 years, including 26 years as President. Under Walk’s leadership, Hoyt has grown into one of the premier archery companies in the world, designing and producing high-performance bows for the world’s most passionate bowhunters and target shooters. From gold-medal-winning Olympic recurves to innovative carbon riser hunting bows and everything in between, Walk’s pursuit for innovation and excellence in performance, safety, quality, and dependability can be seen in Hoyt’s product lines for almost four decades.

Walk’s impact on archery reaches far beyond the walls of Hoyt with 13 years served on the board of the Archery Trade Association (ATA), 34 years served on the ATA Technical Committee, strategic partnerships formed with World Archery, USA Archery, the NFAA, ASA and other archery organizations, and ongoing support of local and national conservation groups, Walk’s impact on archery and bowhunting may never be matched. “Coming to my dream job every day has been one of my life’s greatest blessings. And just as rewarding have been the opportunities to work with outside groups on many of the things I am passionate about, including bowhunter recruitment, conservation, tournament archery, and the overall growth of the industry,” Walk said.

Walk is grateful to the Easton family for the incredible opportunity they gave him to fulfill his career at Hoyt and for trusting him with the company's leadership for 26 years. “My father and I have enjoyed working with Randy during his time at Hoyt. Randy’s passion for archery and bow hunting is only matched by his passion for Hoyt and for excellence in product. Randy’s focus on the next product innovation has been a great fit with the company culture my grandfather started, my dad perfected, and I have enjoyed continuing” said Greg Easton, CEO of Jas. D. Easton and owner of Hoyt Archery.

“Leaving Hoyt is bittersweet,” Walk said, “I will miss the great people I work with and the opportunity to contribute daily to Hoyt’s success, but I am looking forward to spending more time with my family, traveling with my wife, Diana, and hunting more than ever.” He dedicates his professional career and success to his parents, Jay and Saranell Walk, for their never-ending love and support, connecting him to the outdoors, bringing archery into their family, and teaching him to work hard and chase his dreams.

For more information on Hoyt, Walk’s career at Hoyt, or Walk’s contributions to archery, contact:

Tom Driffill
Vice President of Sales, Hoyt tdriffill@hoyt.com 801-433-4250

Jeremy Eldredge
Director of Marketing, Hoyt jeldredge@hoyt.com 801-433-4217

A summary of Randy Walk’s career, contributions and accomplishments are listed below.

  • Joined Hoyt archery as a bow builder, June 1985
  • Moved to Engineering in 1986 and began working with Earl Hoyt, Jr., and other company leadership,

including Jim Pickering, Joe Johnston, and Jim Easton

  • Graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in Engineering, 1987
  • Promoted to Assistant Director of Engineering, 1987
  • Directed the move of the manufacturing operation from St. Louis, MO to Salt Lake City, UT
  • Promoted to Director of Engineering, 1990
  • Promoted to Vice President of Engineering, 1991
  • Promoted to Vice President Engineering & Manufacturing, 1993
  • Promoted to General Manager, 1995
  • Promoted to President, 1996
  • 9 US Patents related to archery products

o 2ofthesepatents(splitlimbsandTECrisers)makeupthecoredesignelementsusedinallcurrent Hoyt Compound bows and creates the distinctive signature look of the Hoyt Brand

  • 30 of Hoyt’s 47 US Patents were developed under Walk’s leadership
  • ATA BOD Member, 1997 – 2005 and 2018 – 2021

o MemberoftheATAExecutiveCommittee,2019-2020

  • Member of the ATA Technical committee, 1987 – 2021
  • Chair of the ATA Technical committee, 2004 – 2009, and 2018 - 2021
  • BOD Member of Jas. D. Easton, 2007 - 2016
  • BOD Member of Easton Sports Development Foundation I & II, 2011 to present
  • BOD Member of Utah Archery Association, 1981 – present
  • Appointed by Utah Governor Herbert to the Utah Wildlife BOD Nominating committee for 2 consecutive

terms, 2013 – 2016, and 2017 – 2020

  • Served on multiple Utah Division of Wildlife Resources committees, including the technical committee for

bowhunting regulations

  • Inducted to National Bowhunters Hall of Fame in 2003
  • Awarded the Sportsman for Fish and Wildlife Founders Award, 2006
  • Outdoor Life Top 25 People who had a significant impact on Hunting and Fishing, 2010
  • Awarded the Mule Deer Foundation Leadership Award, 2010
  • Inducted into the Utah Archery Hall of Fame in 2020

o BothWalk’sparentshavealsobeeninductedintotheUtahArcheryHallofFame
o WalkhadthegreatpleasureasaBODmemberofUtahArcheryAssociationofinductingbothhis

parents prior to his own induction

  • Profiled in Stories five times by Inside Archery and Arrow Trade Magazines
  • Life member of:

o MuleDeerFoundation
o SportsmanforFish&Wildlife o UtahArcheryAssociation

  • 12 Utah State Archery Championships in Bowhunter Freestyle, Bowhunter Unlimited, and Freestyle
  • Set a World Record in Archery Flight in 1991

o 70-poundbroadheadclass,usingamodifiedproductionbowdesignedbyWalkcalledtheProForce Extreme. This was the first production bow to set a world record in broadhead flight. Old record was 437 yards held by Bob Rhode, Walk’s new world record was 591 yards. 70 pound bow, 450 grain arrow, 12 inches of fletching (9/16” tall vanes minimum), and a commercially available broadhead.

•Over 40 species of animals taken with a bow