Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Slick Trick Introduces Two New Premium Cut on Contact Broadheads

West Henrietta, NY – Slick Trick Broadheads , the manufacturer of the deadliest broadhead on the market, announces two new premium products to its lethal 2024 lineup, the SHIFT and the REVIVAL. Built on the success of its tried-and-true predecessors, SHIFT and TORCH are constructed on a new single and double bevel design platforms resulting in superior arrow flight and performance.

Producing a devastating 2.5” spiral cut, the SHIFT SB was designed to achieve fine-tune adjustability via its 25-grain tungsten collar, which allows the archer to “shift” the weight of their arrow setup and increase the overall weight of their head by installing. The .044” blade and robust ferrule design results in increased durability and devasting results on any game animal. New to the Slick Trick mechanical and original fixed blade lineup, the Single Bevel platform ensures its thick blades are sharpened from only one side, which results in a spiral wound channel upon impact and allows for reuse through sharpening.

SHIFT Specifications

·.044” 420 stainless steel

·Fixed 30-degree single bevel

·100 & 125 grain: T-6 aluminum

·150 & 175 grain: 17-4 stainless steel

·1 1/8” cutting diameter

·Over 2.5” total cutting surface

·Quantity in package: 3 plus Slick Safe

·MSRP: $79.99

For bowhunters looking for optimal broadhead performance and can’t-miss blood trails, the REVIVAL delivers on the Slick Trick brand reputation with an impressive 4.8” total cutting surface. REVIVAL stays true to its name by improving on the strength and efficiency of a proven broadhead design. Comprised of a fixed, cut on contact double bevel 1 1/8” main blade with a 1/2” bleeder, the REVIVAL creates devastating wound channels for increased blood loss and decreased arrow drag, resulting in improved penetration.

REVIVAL Specifications

·.044” 420 stainless steel

·Double bevel blade edges

·Available in 100 grain

·17-4 stainless steel reinforced ferrule

·1 1/8” cutting diameter

·Over 4.8” total cutting surface

·Quantity in package: 3 plus Slick Safe

·MSRP: $99.99

For more information on REVIVAL, SHIFT, and the entire Slick Trick Broadheads lineup, visit www.slicktrickbroadheads.com. To find a dealer, visit www.slicktrickbroadheads.com/pages/dealers.

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