Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Buck Knives Offers Hunting Knife Selection Tips

POST FALLS, ID—Big game hunting seasons are opening everywhere and one thing every hunter needs along with a firearm or bow, and the accompanying ammunition or arrows, is a knife. When the critter is down, the work begins. The correct knife makes everything easier.

The professionals at Buck Knives offers these tips for all hunters:

* Which knife you may wonder. “Fixed blade and folding knives are both excellent choices for general day-to-day cutting tasks, but when you go beyond general cutting tasks, the value that each knife brings to the table varies,” says Ryan McGinnis, Buck Knives’ Marketing Manager. “Fixed blades offer a stronger design for hard-use situations like cutting bone joints and skinning game. A well-built folding knife, however, with thinner blade steel will excel at slicing tasks because of the narrower edge angle.”

* First considerations of all customers is to determine what they plan to use the knife for. “Buck Knives makes purpose-built knives and each design has an intended function behind it,” continued McGinnis. “While the majority of knives can be used for much more than it was designed for, there are advantages to using a knife designed for a task. IE: a skinning blade vs. a clip point blade. Both will process an animal but the skinning knife will make it easier to complete long sweeping cuts.”

* After considering what the knife will be used for, look at the overall design and features. A top hunting knife design like Buck’s Model 657 Pursuit Pro Large Guthook knife can accomplish many chores that hunters face. If carrying space is limited, or the hunter simply prefers a folding knife, then the Buck 110 Hunter Sport knife has a pocket clip with a Cerakote finish and will fit into any pocket, or Buck’s Model 659 Folding Pursuit Large knife has a nonslip design handle with Versaflex®, plus it has a sheath for carrying on the belt.

* The knife’s blade is also important to consider. “Blade steel is a hot topic when it comes to knives and each brand touts their blade steel as best,” notes Ryan McGinnis. “Just like cookie dough, how you cook it makes a huge difference. Buck’s Bos Heat Treat was developed to provide the best combination of attributes for the steels we offer. Our heat treat has become legendary and is trusted by custom knife makers around the world who send their blades into Buck to have them heat treated.” Also consider the warranty of the product. Brands that stand behind their products do so because they believe in the quality of their product. Buck offers the Forever Warranty covering any Buck knife regardless of age, and in the words of company CEO and Chairman CJ Buck, “…when your name is on the product, it just matters more.”

* Hunting is a great way to spend time outdoors, explore the fields and forests, and possibly gain nutritious meat for the table. Be certain to follow hunting regulations and stay safe.

Buck Knives offers numerous knives designed and engineered with features frequently asked for by hunters. To learn more, search the company’s more than 150 knife models by various features to include: hunting category; blade shape or length; handle material or for a specific knife type. For more details about Buck Knives, visit www.buckknives.com. These knives are backed by Buck Knives’ industry-leading Forever Warranty.

ABOUT BUCK KNIVES: For more than 120 years, Buck Knives has been handcrafting the finest quality knives and tools, which are designed specifically for hunters, anglers, outdoorsmen, and knife enthusiasts alike. Using the highest-quality materials and state-of-the-art processes, like the exclusive Bos heat treatment for blades, Buck Knives are built to perform at the highest level and last for generations. Located in Post Falls, Idaho, and employing more than 320 people, Buck Knives is proud to make knives in America and stand behind them with their Forever Warranty. Visit www.buckknives.com or call 800-735-2825 for more information. Design and build a custom knife also via the website.