Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Leica Announces Hunting App Update

Leica announces highly anticipated Hunting App update as well as firmware update for CRF 2800.COM and 3500.COM

Optical performance meets ultimate functionality

Following feedback, Leica has updated its popular Leica Hunting App so that ballistic profiles can now be transferred offline using Bluetooth technology. Previously, this was only possible with a cellular connection or Wi-Fi. This useful update means hunters can calculate and change gun profiles when they are off-grid and need it the most.

Users will also see improved overall performance particularly when using in conjunction with a Kestrel Elite weather meter and Apple Watch. Version 1.5.13 of the Leica Hunting App is now available to download in App stores for both Android and iOS.

Leica Sport Optic's Ryan Trenka explained: “This is the most exciting update to the app to date - pairing market leading optics with the most up to date technology. If you’re hunting in backcountry with no cell signal, you can now transfer a ballistic profile directly from your smartphone to your binoculars or compact rangefinder. Leica strives to meet the needs of our customers and provide the best solutions. That is why we work hard to improve our products continuously.”

For more information, contact Marketing Manager Ryan Trenka via ryan.trenka@leicasportoptics.com

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