Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Scent Crusher® Launches Ladies Gear Bag

Wichita, KS - With women holding steady as the fastest growing demographic in the sport, Scent Crusher is revamping its best-selling Ozone Gear Bag with an all-new model for female hunters.

The new Pink Gear Bag gives lady hunters an edge by killing bacteria and completely eliminating odors before heading into the field. Simply place your gear in the bag, set the timer, and be hunt-ready within 30 minutes. Compatible with carbon/silver lined scent control clothing, the Ozone Bag can extend the life of your gear with reduced laundering.

Measuring 28” L x 10.5” W x 12” H with two exterior pockets and a spacious inner pocket running the full length, the Ladies Gear Bag provides plenty of scent-crushing storage for all your hunting clothing, equipment and accessories. The techno-lite fabric construction with adjustable backpack straps, heavy-duty reversed zippers, and weather-resistant base will stand up to tough travel conditions, while a D-flap opening allows for easy access to all your gear. The airport- and TSA-compliant Ladies Gear Bag comes with a maintenance-free digital ozone generator, 110v AC and 12v DC cords and a maintenance-free two-year warranty.

The Ladies Gear Bag is slated to ship August 15, 2021 and is now available for pre-order at ScentCrusher.com.

About Scent Crusher

Scent Crusher products feature scent-crushing Ozone Activated Technology based on research from NASA. This technology effectively removes all odor from your gear and clothing. Scent Crusher ozone generators produce on-demand ozone which is attracted to bacteria, viruses and other contaminants that cause odors. The ozone attacks and kills the sources of these scents, odor and bacteria through oxidation, then converts it safely back into oxygen, leaving your gear scent-free. For more information, visit ScentCrusher.com. Scent off. Game On.

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