Jul 9, 2024

Making the U.S. Olympic Team

By USA Archery

First, let’s look at how each country qualifies for the Olympic Games. Each country can qualify either one or three places each for the Olympic Games in the men’s and women’s recurve division.

For Paris 2024, there are 64 men’s and 64 women’s spots available. The first qualification tournament is the 2023 Berlin World Archery Championships. Additional spots will be awarded at the 2023 Pan American Games followed by an additional continental qualifying Pan Am Championships event in the Spring of 2024. The Final Qualification Tournament will be held with World Cup 3 in June 2024. Final remaining quota slots will be allocated to the host nation and to other countries based on team world rankings in June 2024. (Read the 2024 Olympic Games Qualification System).

To select athletes to the U.S. team quota slots, USA Archery hosts a multi-stage U.S. Team Olympic Trials. The stage one Olympic Trials Qualification Event is open to anyone who officially registers for the event and meets the eligibility requirements in the Olympic Games Athlete Selection Procedures established by USA Archery and World Archery. The Olympic Trials will conclude in the spring of the Olympic year.

Trials events consist of 70m, 72 arrow rounds, team round simulation, head to head elimination rounds, and round robin match play. Each athlete will accumulate points through each event and their total cumulative points from all events will determine their final ranking.

If USA Archery has earned three Olympic quota slots in each division, the top three archers per division will be nominated to the U.S. Olympic Team. The athlete who is ranked fourth is named the Alternate to the U.S. Olympic Team. If just one quota slot is earned in a division, only the top finisher in the Trials will be nominated to the U.S. Olympic Team.