Nov 22, 2022

Archery Wire’s Michelle’s 2022 Fantastical Gift Giving Guide for Outdoorsy Folks

Thank you to all those who heeded my call for the gift giving guide. And if you didn’t see my reminders to send in your suggestions, well that’s a sign you need to read Archery Wire more – hey-oh! Onward…

Gifts for Co-Workers and Kind of Close Friends

  • Berres Brothers Coffee. If Black Rifle Coffee is not an option, then go with this small-town (but big flavor) coffee roaster located in Watertown, Wisc. Highlander Grogg is their best seller, but check out the seasonal flavors, such as Mistletoe Mocha.
  • Heat Hog Heater. This is for the co-worker who is always freezing, or for the hunter who can’t sit still in a blind for longer than 60 minutes. With a Heat Hog warming things up, all are happy. Their best feature is the tilt option so more than just your feet get all the warmth. Available in 18,000 BTU; 9,000 BTU and a ‘fun-sized’ version at 4,000 BTU’s called “Piglet.” Get it? Units start at $99.99
  • National Lampoon’s Moose Mug. White elephant gift? Not for me! I’m giving hubby one of these for Christmas, and I may just buy the matching ice cube tray. Mugs priced anywhere from $10 and up, depending on if you want more than one. Make it a whole gift and toss in a jelly-of-the-month club.


Gifts for Parents & Loved Ones

  • Faribault Mill: What is better than an American-made handcrafted wool or cotton blanket? Plus, your purchase could help youth experience homelessness, with Faribault’s “Spread the Warmth” program. For every bed blanket sold, Faribault will donate a woolen blanket to nonprofits dedicated to serving youth experiencing homelessness. Blankets start $195.
  • Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2. With all the shenanigans on the road lately, maybe this is a good thing to have on your dash. The Mini 2 offers 1080 pixels with 140-degree field of view and it’s the size of a car key. Auto recording so you can set it and forget it. MSRP at $129.99.


Gift for Young Adults

  • Aspiring (and experienced!) bowhunters who want to increase their success in the field and reduce recovery time will appreciate bowhunter ed courses through National Bowhunter Education Foundation. 
    • Bowhunter Ed online course Through comprehensive instructional content and illustrations, and interactive learning exercises and games, students learn about different types of bows and arrows, shooting fundamentals, and wildlife laws while completing a Bowhunter Ed state-approved safety course. One-time fee $30
    • Crossbow Ed online course  Through comprehensive instructional content and illustrations and interactive learning exercises and games, students will learn about the different types of crossbows, arrows, shooting fundamentals, safety techniques, and wildlife laws while completing a state-approved safety course with Crossbow Ed. One-time fee $30


Gifts for Hunters

  • HuntStand: You might know HuntStand, but did you know they added Pro Whitetail app? Pro Whitetail offers a proprietary Whitetail Activity Forecast, map layers providing detailed view of critical rut information, crop history, monthly satellite imagery and much more – all for the hunter who focuses on the white-tailed deer. Pro Whitetail is now available for upgrade online at and in the App Store or Google Play for $69.99.
  • ZEISS SFL 40: You know after spending all day in the woods how everything weighs a million pounds? Don’t let your binos add to that. The SFL 40 (which stands for SmartFocus and Lightweight) comes in two models, the ZEISS SFL 8x40 and 10x40. Retails for $1799 for both models. Read a field test review on it here. (This might be more of a gift for yourself….)
  • Garmin’s inReach Messenger. Wait – an option to sat phones that starts at $299? When are going beyond the limits of cellular networks, take this small and rugged satellite communicator to stay in reach with global two-way text messaging.  Don’t forget to tack on the subscription plan.
  • Steelhead Outdoors Case Keeper. Many bowhunters also participate in firearms seasons or carry for self-dense while bowhunting. Steelhead Outdoors' new Case Keeper accessory attaches to a gun safe exterior for hanging gun cases, caps, accessories, etc. At $49 it's a great Made in America gift for organizing and storing gear that doesn't need to be secured within a gun safe. (I’m buying this for hubby this year!)
  • Irish Setter® Pinnacle boots feature advanced technology for greater stability and comfort for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. Pinnacle’s patented ATC outsole with Ground Sensing technology allows the sole to shape and contour to rocks and uneven surfaces to enhance underfoot stability. TempSens technology helps maintain a consistent, comfortable temperature within the boot. Starting at $219.99.
  • Exert Release by TruFire: No matter if the target stays stationary or wanders the woodlands, make the most of your shot with this dual-sear design wrist release, which leverages technology commonly found in the high-end releases used by competitive target archers. But this release’s new design DNA is as comfortable in the deer woods as it is on the range.  MSRP $179.99