Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Victory Archery Partners with Drury Outdoors

The Drury Outdoors team had an unbelievable season once again sending over 80 Victory Arrows into the boiler room of some giant whitetails. This crew of archery fanatics will again be proudly shooting Victory Archery for the 2021 season. Victory Archery and Drury Outdoors have developed a real partnership of trust. The carbon engineering experts at Victory who push arrow technology to new heights know the arrows must out preform the demands that are expected by the best whitetail hunters in the woods. The Drury Outdoors team is crucial in giving feedback and real-world results.

“Our relationship with the crew at Drury Outdoors continues to grow,” says Stephen Greenwood, General Manager at Victory Archery. “Mark, Terry, Matt and Taylor along with the entire Drury Outdoors crew have become not just partners with the Victory team but also friends.” Matt Drury says “Arrows are a critical part of what we do. It is just not something we can afford to compromise on, we must shoot the best. Arrows are that last connection point between you as a hunter and the quarry you seek. It’s easy to see why we trust that to the Carbon Arrow Experts, Victory Archery”

About Drury Outdoors

Drury Outdoors has grown from humble beginnings of a hard-working and fun-loving family of hunters into a team of outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen committed to honoring their hunting passion and pursuing 100% fair chase wild game. Known for consistently harvesting monster deer, this midwestern family puts in countless hours of preparation in pursuit of hunting’s Holy Grail, the Boone and Crockett whitetail buck.

About Victory Archery

Victory Archery is comprised of a team of archers, aerospace engineers, hunters and target shooters who have sought to meld technology and innovation together to create the most cutting-edge arrows available today. Victory’s parent company, Mitsubishi Chemical America, is one of the largest manufacturers of carbon fiber in the world with facilities distributed across the United States. This vertical integration gives Victory engineers direct access to the highest-grade carbon fiber technology available and provides the infrastructure to allow for true innovation. It also leads to the industry’s highest standards and precise quality control of the arrows from start to finish, yielding unparalleled straightness, consistency and durability. Trust the Carbon Arrow Experts™ at Victory Archery. Learn more at victoryarchery.com

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