Mar 24, 2020

Is COVID-19 Affecting Your Social Metrics? Yes. Yes It Is.

In case you were wondering if what’s happening in the world is affecting your social media metrics in a negative way, and wondered if it was just your feed, it isn’t. It’s all of us.

Some of you might be reading this asking “who gives a rip about social media metrics right now?!” Yes, I get that. And there are others whose job/livelihood depends on these metrics, so this is for them.

According to this study by RivalIQ, a measurement software tool I use for all my clients, engagement is down across all social channels, with Instagram being hit the hardest. Twitter is hit about half as much – the thinking is people use Twitter as a news source more than the other channels. They also said media channels are holding steady (not surprised) and so is higher ed.

If you are struggling with what messages to put out on social media – or even in your press releases – you are also not alone. Most are turning to humor. Although that has to be done well, in my opinion, and not everyone can pull it off.

My recommendation I’m giving all my clients is to be of service, not of sales. Instead of selling, ask, “how can I help you?” If you normally do a weekly LIVE show on social, or a podcast, instead of selling, go on your show and ask, “How can I be of service?” You might be surprised at the outcome.

You don’t need to go dark during this period, I know many of us are aimlessly scrolling through our social feeds seeking a comforting place, or face. But you should ask if that post you were going to put up, if it was next to a piece of sad news, how would that make you/your messaging feel? Use that as the litmus test. This could mean posting less often and listening more often.

Be real; be honest; be you. That’s all you need to be on social media because trying to be someone else or some other company is WAY TOO MUCH WORK.

On a personal note, this has caused a lot of stress/anxiety in my little household. So much so my poor kitty, Harrison, had to be admitted at the hospital for developing crystals in his urethra. Nothing has changed in our house except my husband is now working from home (which he sort of did on/off before). I know this bit of info might be TMI, but I want you to realize your animals can feel this stress, too. Take care of yourself, and take care of them.

I asked this in my editorial last week, and I’ll keep asking: How can I be of service?

-Michelle Scheuermann, editor, Archery Wire