GSM Outdoors is excited to announce their newest company acquisition, GPS Bags! GPS Bags manufactures specialized range and gear bags for shooters under two distinct product lines and has quickly become a pioneer in the modern range back category.
For 2021, Mathews introduces the new TRX 34 and TRX 38 Gen 2 to complete this line of world-class target bows.
The Fall Issue of Delta Waterfowl magazine provides a must-read story for every North American waterfowler: the 2020 Flight Forecast. Every species … every flyway … Delta Waterfowl biologists have you covered with what to expect above your decoys in the season ahead. Given the cancellation of the 2020 USFWS Breeding Waterfowl Population Survey, you won’t find this level of expert analysis anywhere else.
The Texas Outdoor Writers Association announces its annual BBQ & Wild game Cook-Off. This festive event will take place Friday and Saturday , October 16-17 in conjunction with the 2020 Fall Stampede at Shaw’s Ben Social Club in Columbus, Texas.

Get ready for some good ole’ Texas fun at the Texas Outdoor Writers Association Annual Fall Stampede being held October 16-18 at Shaw’s Bend Social Club, 1173 FM 1890 in Columbus, Texas.
The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and its partners awarded $2,115,136 of grant funding in Arizona to benefit habitat for elk and other wildlife, scientific research and hunting heritage projects. RMEF directly granted $234,069 and leveraged an additional $1,881,067 in partner funding for on the ground conservation work.
Effective October 1, Pure Archery Group hires industry veteran Phil Rabb as Mid Atlantic Territory Manager for North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia and West Virginia.
Kelly Brand Management (KBM), a sales, marketing, and business management agency, welcomes Morgan Reich and Tori Boggs as account coordinators.

“Part of the effectiveness of social media is the personal connection to your followers own identity. When we started to look at entities that were telling great, relatable stories as well as getting good engagement with their followers. Then we looked at platforms that were already engaged with the brand and I had some exposure to Kelly while working with another brand, so Rack Hunter was a natural fit.,” Blake Davis, Brand Manager at MonsterMeal®
As hunting seasons across the country start to open up, every hunter starts looking for the advantage they need to fill their tags. Early Season, Pre-Rut, Rut, or Late Season all have one thing in common; all deer need to eat!
Kelly Brand Management (KBM), a sales, marketing, and business management agency, is proud to announce and welcome Morgan Reich and Tori Boggs as account coordinators
Effective October 1, Pure Archery Group hires industry veteran Phil Rabb as Mid Atlantic Territory Manager for North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia and West Virginia.
Bowhunters United, a national consumer-facing bowhunting organization, launched Oct. 1 with a goal of building a strong future for current and potential bowhunters. BU will also provide space for bowhunters to share their passion with other bowhunting enthusiasts, and encourage members to become mentors, informed conservationists, better bowhunting advocates, and responsible public-land stewards.
World’s best-known bow hunter, Chuck Adams, opened the fall hunting season in style by taking his 198th, 199th, and 200th Pope & Young (P&Y) record-class animals with Easton FMJ’s.
GSM Outdoors, a multi-brand manufacturer and technology innovator of specialized hunting and shooting gear, is excited to announce a new partnership between the company's newly-acquired GPS Bags and popular shooting industry advocates and social media influencers, Charissa Littlejohn and The Gatman.
ThermaSeat is excited to announce the renewal of their partnership with RubLine Marketing out of Traer, IA for branding and marketing services of their popular seat cushions as well as several other outdoor products.
Catch Company, the company behind brands like Mystery Tackle Box and Karl’s Bait & Tackle, announces a new initiative partnering with select nonprofit organizations across the fishing industry and society at large called Catch Co. Gives Back.
Guidefitter, the leading network for outdoor industry professionals, enterprise influencer marketing platform, and marketplace for outdoor brands, today reported company partnerships totaling more than 200 category-leading brands.
The ideal candidate for this position would be driven by a desire to enhance customer sales and satisfaction, through excellent interpersonal skills. This candidate will be responsible for handling the day-to-day communications with sales accounts and fostering growth. Accuracy, adaptability, creativity, the ability to learn quickly, enthusiasm and good communication skills are necessary assets for this individual to possess.
Leica Sport Optics has a longstanding tradition of quality, excellence and cultural competence. We’re looking for a Director Sales Sport Optics. The ideal candidate will have a proven record of sales success with national accounts (including chain stores) in the outdoor/hunting market.
October Mountain Products was recently featured on the TradGeeks podcast - a podcast focused on all things archery, traditional archery, and hunting.
Scholastic 3-D Archery continues to exhibit substantial growth across the country and has recently named Pat Butts as the new Pennsylvania State Coordinator. As the State Coordinator, Pat will oversee all aspects of the S3DA program in Pennsylvania, including tournaments, training new coaches and dividing the state into regions that will allow S3DA participants multiple monthly competition venues as close as possible to their home location. Pat will also recruit and hire Regional Coordinators to oversee and manage these individual regions.
ElimiShield HUNT announces the availability of a new scent control field t-shirt. This new item is pre-treated with the ElimiShield HUNT X10D for long lasting scent control. Whether it is worn as a base layer for a hunt or worn for scouting and hanging treestands, you won’t ever have to worry about human odor, odors from mold or mildew or any other odors a deer may pick up.
October Mountain Products latest creation, the Versa Cradle Micro Tune bow vise, offers bow technicians the most accurate tuning with its micro-adjust capabilities. The Versa Cradle Micro Tune bow vise was designed to increase the accuracy and efficiency of bow tuning. Pro Shop owners understand how important both of these factors are when servicing a high volume of bows. The Micro Tune bow vise is designed and made in the USA.
Wildlife Research Center®, the leader in Scent and Scent Elimination, has now released Trapper John’s™ Ultimate Buck Lure®. This High Performance All Season & Rut Lure is part of its premium new line of Micro Brew™ Craft Scents. A tribute to its founders and family story. Each one has a unique blend of Super High-Quality ingredients to help enhance and bring your hunt to a Whole New Level™.
?The Magellan Pro Outdoors Men's Offroad Hunting Hiker Boots in Realtree EDGE camo help you hunt in confidence knowing your feet will remain dry and comfortable throughout the day.
The new Delta McKenzie's Goblin 3D target captures the realistic likeness of grotesque, mischievous, old-world goblins inspired by ancient folklore.
Whether you’re putting the miles on in the mountains, working hours in and around the shop, or climbing into your treestand, keep your boots clean, dry, and kicking with the Ozone Boot Dryer from Scent Crusher®.
The auction will begin October 1st at 11 am EST and will close October 15th at 9 pm EST. We have some amazing items available, and are so thankful to all the participants from across our industry that have donated items. There may even be some new items joining the auction block during the event.
Everest.com, the nation’s first outdoor lifestyle-focused, multi-merchant marketplace announced today that the company has teamed with 12 Survivors to create and offer a top-notch survival package to Everest Caliber members, with free shipping, at an almost $100 discount.
Time to get your grill ready because Hi Mountain Seasonings, the flavor leader in jerky and seasonings, is launching its “Steak Lover’s Bundle Giveaway” promotion today. One lucky winner will walk away with a steak package that includes two bottles of Original Steak Western Style Seasonings, Steak Rub, Merlot with Garlic & Rosemary Finishing Sauce, Pinot Noir with Garlic & Honey Finishing Sauce, Soy Ginger Marinade, Zesty Western Marinade a wireless thermometer to ensure the steak is cooked to perfection every time.
Bowtech is proud to announce that at the recent NFAA National Round Up, Pro Shooter Tim Gillingham showed why he is one of the best shooters in the world by taking not just 1, but 3 podium spots.
Bowtech is proud to announce that Pro Shooter Paige Pearce proved once again why hard work pays off and brought home several national victories. This past week was the NFAA National round up event consisting of several national tournaments. Coming out of the grueling week of shooting, Paige emerged with the 1st place spot in the Field Nationals as well as the 2nd spot in the USA Archery Indoor Nationals. Her bow of choice, the Reckoning and Reckoning 38, dependent on tournament style

A smaller version of taxidermy mountain is located on the second floor

If you are a retail store, there’s nothing like hosting a grand opening, or any large event, during a pandemic. It is happening across the country, and yes, it looks a little different than what the marketing folks had originally envisioned. Take, for example, Scheels opening its newest store in Eden Prairie, Minnesota (a ‘burb of Minneapolis). It actually opened in July, but they delayed its official “Grand Opening” until this week. And because I’m such an influencer (tongue-in-check), I was able to get a sneak peek with about 30 other local influencers this past weekend. I’m not sure who the other influencers were, but I can assure you I was the only one who took a straight line to the ammo area. (No, they didn’t have 9mm nor .380, dang it). Also, part of why I attended was to do re-con for a client for their store events. I mean, you always have to check out what the other team is doing.

Section of Scheels archery area

This Scheels store had me seeing bits of Cabela’s inside…from the taxidermy mountain spectacle upstairs (the store is two stories and 250,000 square feet, so plenty of room for spectacles), and amusements with a 65-foot tall Ferris wheel and 16,000-gallon saltwater aquarium. I even mentioned that to our “tour guide” for the morning, who was spewing facts about the thousands of pounds of rebar it took to make the store. I wasn’t interested in rebar. Can you show me the archery simulator? The store also boasts a fudge shop & cafe (again, Cabela’s-like). I find the café addition a little odd since the store holds an anchor spot in a mall…nonetheless, besides the archery simulator, there’s also a golf simulator, a mini-hockey rink and a mini bowling alley. None of which were available to us influencers to use, #ThanksCOVID. Otherwise, you better believe there would be pics of me being fabulous on a Ferris wheel in this editorial.

more of Scheels archery area

Part of the allure of this store is just the massive amount of opportunities for brands to “own” a space. In fact, just past the entryway is the largest Kuhl display I’ve ever seen. I immediately sent my husband, who digs that brand, a photo with the message: “you need to get here.” Cabela’s or other more “outdoor-centric” stores may have larger gun displays (or maybe I wasn’t seeing much due to brisk COVID-sales), but I was surprised at the very large safe/storage display and in the archery section, the amount of archery targets and accessories displayed. I was also glad to see a good amount of taxidermy in the store – but only on the second level where all the sports sections are located. The tour guide said locals generously donated their mounts. Some mounts were claimed with their owner’s name and location; others were not.

This Eden Prairie Scheels has three archery simulators

This Eden Prairie store isn’t the largest Scheels (that’s in Dallas, Texas) and it only holds the title for the newest store for a brief stint as Colorado Springs is opening in March, 2021, but it is helping to revitalize one of our Minnesota malls by replacing a former Sears anchor spot. Fun fact, this is also the same mall the ‘90’s movie “Mall Rats” was filmed. So, this Scheels has that going for it.

There are several bronze statutes surrounding the store, including this one that I swear looks like Fred Bear. Yes?

Usually I am the one organizing these types of events and openings, so it was nice to be on the other side for once. I like being VIP. Also, thank you to everyone who sent me notes of encouragement and discussion from last week’s editorial, “Where, oh where, Have all the Male Hunting Influencers Gone?” It sparked some new friendships (that’s you Cameron, we are friends now) and debates. Be safe out there this week everyone – Michelle Scheuermann, editor, Archery Wire.

Looking down (?) on the Ferris Wheel from the second floor


Selfie time!


There are two animated statues – this one is of our famous hockey coach, Herb Brooks
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