Tuesday January 9, 2018   |
BlindSPOT -360 Not A Trail Cam, Itís A LiveCAM

See where you can’t - LIVE, right from your phone!


Plymouth- WI: Ever wish you could see what’s on the trail on the next ridge or valley below?  Ever wish you could see what’s in the field just beyond the staging area you’re hunting? Wouldn’t it be nice to watch your son or daughter on their first hunt even though they’re out of sight (hey, you want them to grow up, but you also want to make sure they’re hunting safe)?

If so, the New BlindSPOT-360 is your new, best, hunting partner!

Take the lightweight BlindSPOT-360 out and set it up to 50 yards (line of sight) from your stand location and spy on game hundred of yards away right on your phone.  It’s perfect for scouting fields while you hunt your favorite spot (killing two birds with one phone).  Maybe there’s a hot doe being courted but you’re not in the game (yet) because you can hear something but not see what’s going on?  The BlindSPOT-360 can change the game and let you put the stalk on even though you’re not in visual sight of the show.

The camera pans to view 360 degrees and even tilts 120 degrees and all of it is controlled from your smartphone or tablet.  A rechargeable battery system provides hours of in-field viewing, recording or taking pictures even in cold temps.

Our all-in-one BlindSPOT-360™ app works with both Apple and Android devices.

Thanks to Weath’R Shield™, hunters can enjoy a two-year warranty.

Why settle for a trail cam when you can have live, real-time intel, on your phone!

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