The Advantage is a 100-grain, 4-blade, cut-on-contact head that features a short profile with superior flight characteristics and maximum accuracy, even at the high speeds of today's bows.
The new Rage Turkey broadhead features a new cut-on-contact tip with a pair of massive Meat Hooks to inflict maximum lethal damage, all while slowing the arrow enough to anchor the bird.
Slick Trick broadheads unleashes the RaptorTrick™ expandable broadhead, the latest advancement in an extensive and proven line of broadheads users trust to get the job done.

Vera Handbag has joined Mossy Oak, outdoor industry leader in camouflage design, to offer conceal and carry handbags and matching wallets that feature metallic trim for a distinctive look.
Magic Chef, a leader in cooking and refrigeration products, announces a new partnership with Realtree for a line of compact kitchen appliances that will hit retail shelves in spring 2017.

The Kinsey's 2017 Target Catalog showcases an expanded lineup of target-centric archery brands, such as T.R.U Ball, Axcel, AAE/Feather Vision, Doinker, Easton, Cartel, Carbon Express, Shrewd, Bee Stinger, CBE, Scott and many more.

Built upon the success of its existing proven line of coolers, the ALPHA Series from Siberian Coolers has been designed from the ground up to be the best built cooler on the market for the best price possible.

On Feb. 15, U.S. District Judge Jon Levy issued his ruling in a lawsuit that sought to revoke the state of Maine's Incidental Take Permit (ITP), which would open individual trappers to Endangered Species Act (ESA) violations.

Johnson's Reception Hall in Elkader, Iowa hosted a standing room only crowd of hunters, landowners and area residents who were there to learn about chronic wasting disease and then gave their thoughts on how they wanted to address it.

The annual Ohio Deer & Turkey Expo, the state's premier consumer expo for hunting and outdoor enthusiasts presented by Field & Stream and Outdoor Life magazines, is returning for three days March 17-19 at the Ohio Expo Center.

Each Field & Stream boot model is built with features and technologies designed to improve the trek and enhance your time outdoors.

The Realtree Mesh Back Cap by Outdoor Cap exudes outdoor style in a comfortable and practical design — ideal for the hunt or everyday wear with a pair of jeans and your favorite t-shirt.

Mystery Ranch, makers of superlative backpacks, has announced its 2017 Ambassador Team, comprised of cutting edge climbers as well as hardcore backpacking hunters.
Carl Zeiss Sports Optics announces that effective January 30, 2017, Barton Dobbs has been promoted to the position of Director of Sales – Sports Optics Division.

Now in its second year, the National Archery in the Schools (NASP) academic recognition program has reached more than 10,000 students in 39 jurisdictions for their success in the classroom and enrollments continue through April 30th.

The Revolution from Parker Bows is equipped with top-end features, superior performance, unrivaled accuracy with Parker quality at an affordable price.

Guidefitter, the online network for guided hunting & fishing adventures, announced it has added eight additional brands to "The Grid," its unique influencer marketing service for outdoor gear manufacturers.

The National Deer Alliance (NDA) announces Catchin' Deers, a hunting lifestyle brand company, has become a Bronze Level Supporter.

Winner's Choice Bowstrings Pro Shooter Mike Schloesser, AKA Mister Perfect, dominated the NFAA Vegas Event and took home first place.
Mathews Pros, Tanja Jensen, Sharon Carpenter and Holly Larson, swept the podium in the women's compound division at the 2017 Las Vegas Championship on Sunday, Feb.12 at South Point arena.
Elite Archery had an outstanding amount of wins at the ASA Easton Pro/Am Tournament in Foley, Ala. this past weekend, with 5 professional podium finishes across 3 divisions.
Scott Archery was in the spotlight at the ASA 3D season opener in Foley, Ala. this past weekend, with Scott shooters taking the top 2 podium finishes in the Open Pro and Known Pro divisions.

Two national outdoor magazines recently featured Tink's® and Dead Down Wind® as winners of the their annual Reader's Choice Awards.

Tony Loop's 2016 Desert bighorn has an initial Pope and Young entry score of 186 1/2 and is still subject to Panel Judging verification, which could change the official score.

With a new permit from the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife, hunters with disabilities receiving special accommodations for hunting in Washington State may now apply to use the Benjamin Pioneer Airbow for big game hunting.
The Maryland Department of Natural Resources confirmed that the Benjamin Pioneer Airbow has been approved for use in the firearms season for whitetail and sitka deer.

Code Blue's Smoke Cover Scent is like no other scent on the market because it's a naturally occurring smell found in any region at any given time, in turn causing no alarm to the game you're pursuing.

In order to encourage the taking of coyotes from March to August, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources' Wildlife Resources Division is introducing the Georgia Coyote Challenge.
The Oregon Court of Appeals granted the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation's application to file a friend-of-the-Court brief in a lawsuit by animal rights groups seeking to eliminate state wildlife management in Oregon.

Building on the popularity of crossbow shooting and taking technology and design cues from its current lineup of four-sided, wrapped, open-layer targets, Black Hole has introduced the new price competitive-yet-durable Crossbow target.

During the week of February 20–26 on Sportsman Channel, viewers will catch a glimpse into several places to hunt around the world.
Outdoor Channel host, conservation activist and outspoken advocate against poaching and unlawful hunting practices, Ivan Carter, recently was named the 2016 recipient of THE OX OF OKAVANGO AWARD from the African Professional Hunters Association (A.P.H.A.).
Outdoor Channel viewers have plenty of programming to enjoy during the week of Feb. 20–26 as the Montana Wardens spend a week hunting down criminals on Wardens presented by Streamlight and The Horse Soldiers, a Civil War western starring John Wayne, closes out Friday Night at the Movies.

An Imperfect Perfect Storm Affecting the Archery Industry
In the past few weeks, the Archery Wire has had the opportunity to visit with many of the principal players involved in different facets of the archery business, from company presidents to major retailers, from trade association leaders to sales reps, and manufacturers to media types.

And, from the tradeshow at the South Point resort during the 2017 Vegas Shoot last week, to the floor of this year's ATA Show in downtown Indianapolis in January, the consensus among those who make a living in the industry, was, for the first time in memory, unanimously and unequivocally downbeat.

To say there is a growing concern about the future among both the industry leaders and status quo dealers and salespeople is just a small portion of the big picture. Everyone agrees there are significant problems facing the archery business in coming months – and everyone also seems to agree there are multiple reasons for the considerable – and consistent -- dropoff in bow and gear sales, particularly in the hunting market and related accessories.

More than one industry veteran we spoke with in Vegas and Indy described the current industry dilemma as a "perfect storm," in which many factors have combined at the same time to affect bow sales and the industry in general.

Some of those reasons included (but were not limited to):

- Negative growth or stagnant numbers among bowhunters in general, pointing to recruitment issues and an aging demographic.

- The trend of "high end" bows produced by major manufacturers with costs approaching $1,500, resulting in a decrease in numbers of bows being sold and fewer upgrades by bowhunters every few years.

- A "peaking" of bow technology -- including materials and quality -- meaning that today's bows and equipment simply lasts longer and eliminates the need for replacement on a regular basis.

- "Business as usual" by major bow manufacturers, by producing new and expanded bow models and lines every year at the same time, while many retailers continue to struggle to sell the previous year's products.

- Retailer buying programs from some companies and rep groups that pressure dealers to commit to quantities that are unreasonable and quite frankly, potentially harmful to their financial future.

- Decreasing bowhunting whitetail harvests in some states where the population of deer has been historically strong and consistent for decades.

- The growing threat and occurrence of chronic wasting disease (CWD) and its impact on deer herds has led to fear among bowhunters in some of hunting's biggest states and resulted in decreased participation.

- Increased urbanization, more posted private land, limited public access and fewer places to bowhunt in general.

If you agree these reasons sound like they could potentially signal doom the future of archery hunting and the bowhunting industry in the U.S., then you're on the same page as many concerned people in the industry.

The good news – and there indeed is some -- is that it appears the primary leadership of the industry's trade organization, the Archery Trade Association (ATA), agree there are significant problems facing the industry that must be addressed – and dealt with through implementation of serious programs and industry-wide efforts. For too long the ATA was in denial, simply pointing to stationary or slight increases in the total annual excise tax on archery equipment as a barometer that indicated everything was peachy in the bow-and-arrow business.

Most people we visited in Vegas and Indy said they want to see some action.

Hopefully, this year the ATA will begin to look beyond those misleading historic indicators, shed its complacency and become seriously engaged. The critical nature of the current situation may finally provide the motivation for the archery industry to unite, much like the firearms industry has been forced to do in the past when faced with some very real threats to its future.

Some much-needed self-examination and changes to archery's "business as usual" attitude would be an appropriate starting point. Then, there's that imperfect Perfect Storm.

- J.R. Absher


Feb. 23 - Feb. 25
NABA Reno Show
Grand Sierra Resort, Reno, Nev.
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Texas Indoor Archery League (TAIL)
Texas Archery Academy, Plano, Tex.
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RMEF National Convention
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Rockdale Shooting Center, Park City, Ky.
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Outdoor News Deer & Turkey Classic
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Duke Energy Convention Center, Cincinnati, Ohio
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Texas Indoor Archery League (TAIL)
Texas Archery Academy, Plano, Tex.
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IBO Spring Nationals
Bluegrass Sportsmen's League, Wilmore, Ky.
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