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Clean-Shot® Archery, Inc. announces that as of July 15, 2014 patent #8,777,786 has been issued to protect the innovative features of its Nock Out®lighted nocks, while other patents are still pending.
Available for the first time in 2014, Chris Brackett says of his namesake arrow, the Killer Hunting Arrow from BlodSport: "This ain't your grandpa's arrow."

The IQ Pro Bowsight from Field Logic was designed with a 50% smaller Retina Lock specifically for the seasoned archer to further enhance shooting performance.

The 2014 Hunting Film Tour begins its 50-stop trek across the US and Canada with a world premiere at the Emerson Center for Arts & Culture in Bozeman, Mont. August 1st.
Sitka Gear is proud to announce the upcoming release of Connected, a film capturing the preparation, persistence and hard work of Adam Foss as he ventures into Alaska's Chugach Range. Foss is the youngest individual to complete his Four North American Wild Sheep with archery tackle.

The "PSE Dominators" team of Chance Beaubouef, Nathan Brooks, and Joseph Goza took first place in the PMR class team competition at the 2014 IBO National Championship Triple Crown in Marengo, Ohio.
Mathews Pro Female Sharon Carpenter and Senior Pro Art Brown won IBO National Championships in their respective class for their combined scores in the three legs of the 2014 IBO National Triple Crown.
Mathews shooters Duane Price and Ginger Morehead topped their respective classes in the Third Leg of the IBO National Triple Crown held in Marengo, Ohio July 11-13.

A ten-year study conducted by the University of Wyoming and the Wyoming Game and Fish Department suggests that the effects of chronic wasting disease (CWD) on elk populations may not be as devastating as once believed

The beautiful Sparta Rod & Gun Club in Sparta, Wis. will play host to the Rinehart R100 on Saturday and Sunday, July 26-27.

After brand innovation agency Primer 180 created a new brand position and campaign for Robinson Outdoor Group, Robinson CEO Scott Schultz approached EverFire to produce commercials for Sportsman Channel and Outdoor Channel.

The U.S. Collegiate Archery Association is seeking an executive director to serve as the leader of management, and to promote and support the mission and vision of USCAA in the Greater Los Angeles area.
The Missouri Outdoor Communicators organization is seeking qualified candidates for the independently contracted position of Executive Director. The deadline for applicants is Friday, July 25.
US Collegiate Archery Association seeks a marketing manager in the Greater Los Angeles area who will develop and implement marketing strategy the supports the vision and mission of the USCAA.

Records fell as arrows flew when 2,425 student archers from 198 schools gathered to compete in the 2014 NASP® World Tournament at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison Wis. July 11 ­

Keep food and drinks fresh, cool and handy while hunting with the new Game Winner® Realtree AP® Blind Cooler only available at Academy Sports + Outdoors®.

With a goal to host its annual conference in a different part of the country every year, The Outdoor Writers Association of America (OWAA) is focusing on the Midwest, Southwest or East regions for its 2017 conference.

The online archery community is supporting and promoting the Pope and Young Club by informing archers worldwide of the work it does protecting and promoting wildlife.

Work is underway on the new elite Shooting Sports Education Center on the campus of Georgia Southern University for the purpose of educating hunters, archers and other shooting sports enthusiasts.

BOWTECH Archery announces the launch of its new Stryker Crossbow Facebook page.

Hunters in Michigan may apply for one antlerless deer license in any open Deer Management Unit (DMU) statewide now through Aug. 15, with a nonrefundable $5 fee charged at the time of application.
The Arizona Big Game Super Raffle Is held each year to raise money for wildlife conservation efforts, with every dollar raised from ticket sales for each of the species returned to the Arizona Game and Fish Department and managed by the Arizona Habitat Partnership Committee (AHPC) for the benefit of that particular species.
South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks reminds bowhunters that all archery licensees 11 through 15 years of age, all first-time archery big game licensees regardless of age and all archery elk licensees must possess certification of completion from a bowhunter education course.

Sportsman Channel has created a summer 'hit list' of its hottest shows with five marathons running in five weeks beginning July 21.
Go West this week to Wyoming with Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo on Archer's Choice TV as they visit their friends Scott and Angie Denny from Table Mountain Outfitters.
Sportsman Channel, the exclusive network home for MeatEater, unveils a Season Four Recap week beginning Monday, July 28, leading up to the Season Five premiere July 31.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) announces the appointments of Jennifer L.S. Pearsall as Director, Public Relations, and Justin Morrissey as Digital Content Specialist.

The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) invites the public to an informational meeting on urban deer management at on Thursday, Aug. 14, at the Runge Conservation Nature Center in Jefferson City.

World Archery has announced that archery's two most important independent events in 2015 and 2017 will take place in Mexico City as the sport's popularity continues to rise in the Americas.

"I still enjoy the company of most dogs more than that of most people, because dogs are capable of uncomplicated enthusiasm."
- John Gierach, Standing in a River Waving a Stick, 1999

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Missouri Becomes Ground Zero in Captive Deer Debate
Unless you've been hiding out in a cave somewhere without a functioning iPhone for the past few months, you've probably been following the goings-on in The Show Me State relating to the issue of captive breeding of deer on farms and preserves.

On Tuesday, July 8, Gov. Jay Nixon, under intense pressure by special interests from both sides, vetoed two bills that would have designated captive deer as livestock instead of wildlife, while shifting management of preserve whitetails from the state Department of Conservation to the Department of Agriculture.

In his veto announcement made during special meeting of the Missouri Conservation Commission, Nixon said the provisions of SB 506 and HB1326 went against longstanding successful conservation practices and violate the Missouri Constitution, which gives exclusive authority over game and wildlife resources to the Conservation Commission.

"For more than 75 years, our Department of Conservation has been held up as a model for wildlife management agencies across the country because of its incredible success," Gov. Nixon said. "Redefining deer as livestock to remove the regulatory role of Department defies both its clear record of achievement as well as common sense. White-tailed deer are wildlife and also game animals - no matter if they're roaming free, or enclosed in a fenced area."

Both measures vetoed by the governor were attached to larger omnibus agriculture bills near the close of the general session, largely under the direction of lobbyists representing the Missouri Whitetail Breeders and Hunting Ranch Association.

In his veto message, the Governor cited the exclusive authority of the Missouri Conservation Commission provided by the Missouri Constitution under Article IV, Section 40(a). He also said that under the stewardship of the Missouri Department of Conservation, the state's population of white-tailed deer has grown from fewer than 2,000 in the early 1930s to an estimated 1.3 million today, and that the 500,000 deer hunters contribute $1 billion to Missouri's economy.

"Growing and managing our deer herd and fostering the hunting opportunities that we enjoy takes hard work and sound science, and the Department of Conservation should be commended for employing both to preserve this important part of our heritage, not stripped of its authority to do so in order to protect narrow interests," the veto message reads.

The Conservation Federation of Missouri (CFM), the largest citizens' conservation organization in the state, along with other sportsmen's organizations and deer hunting groups opposed the bills and applauded the governor's action. Among the reasons cited, the groups pointed to the need to prevent the spread of chronic wasting disease (CWD) in Missouri, where the only confirmed cases so far have been found at commercial deer-farming operations.

The Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA), one of the main groups that for years has opposed the reclassification of captive deer and their management by state agriculture departments, hailed Gov. Nixon's veto as a huge victory for Missouri's deer hunters.

"The two bills would have changed the classification of captive deer from 'wildlife' to 'livestock', thus reducing the Department of Conservation's oversight and putting free-ranging deer at a greater risk of disease," said Kip Adams, QDMA Director of Education and Outreach.

The leading in-state conservation group was more direct.

"The differences between the two sides of this entire captive cervid issue are many, but it essentially boils down to this: Those opposed are citizen conservationists passionate about wildlife and ethical hunting standards, who give selflessly in support of public resources. Those in favor are financially invested," wrote Brandon Butler, Executive Director of the Conservation Federation of Missouri.

At the present time, it is uncertain whether there are sufficient votes in the Missouri legislature to reverse the governor's action, though groups including the American Cervid Alliance and the Missouri Whitetail Breeders and Hunting Ranch Association are expected to launch an all-out effort aimed at overriding Gov. Nixon's vetoes.

What is certain is the captive deer-breeding industry, with its genetic enhancement, semen trade and for-profit raising of animals to supply high-fence pay-to-hunt operations across the country, is no longer lurking quietly in the shadows. Rather, it's been revealed like something of a crazy uncle the rest of the mainstream hunting public doesn't necessarily want to claim as one of its own family.

As a result of what's happening in Missouri and elsewhere, the deer-breeding industry is being scrutinized by hunters and sportsmen like never before. It will need more than high-end PR agencies and paid lobbyists to win the trust and gain any lasting integrity with America's hunting and wildlife conservation community.

- J.R. Absher
Editor, The Archery Wire


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