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Thursday January 10, 2019   |
Stone Road Media Launches New Site Showcasing Creativity in the Outdoor Industry

On the cusp of ATA 2019, Stone Road Media is proud to announce the launch of their new website that craftily showcases the creativity necessary to be successful within the outdoor industry, alongside their long standing reputation of expert marketing strategies and execution.

Having gotten their start in 2013 at the foreground of the digital marketing wave, Stone Road Media is experienced in all aspects of marketing, from SEO and Social Media Management to Video Production and Web Design.

Their expertise spans both the digital and traditional marketing realms, both tied together at the root of Stone Road’s unmatched creativity.

“I’m excited to shift Stone Road Media’s core business to not only encapsulate our long standing marketing services, but our ever-expanding creative department,” says Jeremy Flinn, Chief Marketing Officer of Stone Road Media.

Focusing on four core areas of the business—marketing, branding, creative, and production, Stone Road Media’s ultimate goal is to take a brand’s vision and creatively apply it to marketing campaigns that will reach and engage with that brand’s target audience in the outdoors.

The overarching and long standing goal of Stone Road Media is to enable their clients to be seen, be found, and be different in the industry. Stone Road Media, through expertly executed strategy combined with that ever important creative element, enables brands and services to be seen by their target audience, be found by potential customers, and be different from competitors in order to break the sea of sameness in a saturated advertising vertical.

The team at Stone Road Media will continue to produce TV and online shows, in addition to their marketing services, as well as create focused video documentaries that will be syndicated through national television and digital channels.

Stone Road Media believes that in today’s marketplace, it is more critical than ever to understand how future and current customers are looking for a brand and a brand’s competitors. Those who evolve and embrace the changes will find success, while those that don’t will find hardship.

“Our goal for 2019 is to continue to expand and not only be able to produce new engaging and creative content, but to really ensure that it’s seen by the target audiences within the outdoor industry,” says Flinn.

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