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Tuesday June 11, 2019   |
SCRAPEFIX’s Velvet Formula now available in-store and online

Velvet is 100% synthetic and designed to attract whitetail deer during the spring and summer months.

As the summer begins to unfold, the whitetail deer begins growing their new set of antlers. This is an exciting time of the year, yet most people are missing this opportunity to capture some amazing images of deer as they come into their new set of antlers.

Let’s face it, in some states, it is illegal to bait but even for those where it is legal, the spring and summer is full of new greens, crops and plenty of food at the forest floor for deer. Trying to compete to get the deer to step in front of your trail camera during this time is often not an easy task.

That is where the 100% synthetic, making it legal where baiting and other attractants aren’t, Scrapefix, can help. ScrapeFix Velvet is the best way to increase the number of trail camera pictures and maintain repetition during the deer’s antler growing season.

How is ScrapeFix Velvet Different:

  • 100% synthetic
  • Scent is infused at the molecular level with organic compounds whitetails cannot resist
  • ScrapeFix Velvet is dispensed without overpowering the area, sparking whitetail interest
  • Works for weeks after initial application
  • No Messy Liquids
  • Convenient clip and carry design

About ScrapeFix

ScrapeFix was created with one idea in mind – fixing your deer scrapes. From doe estrous to dominant buck and everything in between, ScrapeFix has the proven power to attract and retain whitetails during all times of the year. Each bottle can create or enhance 10-20 mock scrapes and because it comes in powder form, the scent never breaks down or changes and it will work for weeks without another application. ScrapeFix products are designed in Caledonia, MN to meet the needs of hunters on the East and West Coast. ScrapeFix – The Powder of Attraction. For more information, please visit

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