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Tuesday April 9, 2019   |
Spring Gear Giveaway Now Up on Instagram Featuring Seven Top Hunting Gear Brands

insta_giveaway_vWhether your spring means taking down turkeys or spring-cleaning out your hunting closet to make room for the newest gear, you’ll want to enter the Spring Gear Giveaway on Instagram. Seven top hunting gear brands have teamed up on the platform for an exciting giveaway that allows two lucky winners to walk away with more than $1,300 worth of top-quality products that’ll set them up nicely for spring and beyond. From Rinehart Doloma Turkey Decoys and an HHA Tetra bowsight to a 45-Quart Big Frig Cooler and Hunter’s Blend coffee — there’s nothing short of top-quality products included any hunter would dig to take home.

Entering the giveaway is quick and easy. Simply make sure you’re following each participating brand’s Instagram page, and ‘like’ the contest photo on each page. Participating brands include: Rinehart Targets® (@rinehart_targets), Big Frig Coolers (@bigfrigcoolers), HHA Sports™ (@hhasports), Gear Keeper® (@gearkeeperproducts), Ontario Knife Company® (@ontarioknifecompany), Hunter’s Blend™ Coffee (@huntersblend) and Rite in the Rain® (@riteintherain).

Grand Prize Packages Includes:

·Rinehart Targets Doloma Hen and Jake Decoy Set

·HHA Sports Optimizer Tetra sight

·Gear Keeper Deluxe Instrument Tether and Smart Phone Keeper

  • Rite in the Rain Storm Sight Zeroing Targets, All-Weather Pocket Pen, Side Spiral Notebook, Top Spiral Notebook, Bound Book Cover and All-Weather Trekker Pen

·Hunter’s Blend Coffee 12oz dark roast, 12oz regular blend, tumbler, T-Shirt (Large)

·Ontario Knife Company RAT-5 Fixed Blade knife and Rat-1 folder with satin Blade

·Big Frig 45 QT Army Camo Cooler and 30oz Black Tumbler

Runner-up Prize Package includes:

·HHA Sports Virtus Rest

·Gear Keeper Deluxe Instrument Tether and Smart Phone Keeper

·Rite in the Rain Storm Sight Zeroing Targets, All-Weather Pocket Pen, Top Spiral Notebook and

All-Weather Blaze Orange Pen

·Hunter’s Blend 12oz dark roast, 12oz regular roast

·Ontario Knife Company Rat-ll folder

·Big Frig 30oz Black tumbler

Giveaway winners to be announced on Instagram April 19, 2019. Giveaway rules: click here

For more information about the giveaway, visit each brand on Instagram and see contest post. For more information on any product offerings, visit each brand online: Rinehart Targets, HHA Sports, Big Frig Coolers, Rite in the Rain, Hunter’s Blend Coffee, Ontario Knife Company andGear Keeper.

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