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Tuesday December 4, 2018   |
Stryde Concepts Announces New Features to AnglerTrack.Net and SportsmanTrack.Net

Atlanta, GA – Stryde Concepts, developers of the popular sponsorship management systems, and are excited to announce two new features to assist pro staff managers. Team management and group texting.

With Team Management, pro staff managers can quickly and easily manage teams and groups that have obtained sponsorship with their brand. From the rapidly growing popularity of high school and college fishing teams, to the iconic and still pertinent hunting teams, a pro staff or brand manager can now monitor and manage the entire team at once as a whole - following their social media and promotional activities collectively. Instead of separating team member’s accounts, they are all able to work off of one account, creating one one point of contact and collective results for the entire team.

Text messaging is becoming part of everyday life when it comes to communication with a brand’s promotional staff. It is no secret that many of the individuals that are promoting and posting items on their social media channels to promote their sponsors do it from their phone. So why send these individuals information and graphics to post for your brand to their e-mail, text it to them.

With AnglerTrack or SportsmanTrack, a company can send text messages to all of their promotional staff with action items and requests. It can be done at the click of a button and is a great way to launch social media campaigns, promote sales, or just let them know about exciting news within the company.

“Our unique position in the industry allows us to gather feedback from a multitude of companies and use this feedback to improve AnglerTrack and SportsmanTrack for all of our partners. In so doing, we are able to better serve companies and the industry as a whole by streamlining the way promotional staffs are handled,” said Owner of Stryde Concepts, Graham Johnston. “We feel that these two new features will help companies achieve a greater ROI from their promotional staff and allow pro staff managers to spend less time on day-to-day communication items with these individuals.”

To learn more about the AnglerTrack, SportsmanTrack, or Ambassador Link, or to set a meeting with them at the 2019 ATA or SHOT Show, please contact, or visit .

About Stryde Concepts –
The Stryde Concepts family of brands have been developed by working closely with pro staff managers from within the hunting and fishing industries. Through their direct feedback we have built tools to complement three specific needs: pro staff acquisition, pro staff management, and ROI. Our sites work together to streamline the pro staff process and give companies the ability to create an effective and efficient pro staff that generates real results for their brand(s).

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