Tuesday March 13, 2018   |
Gearhead Archery wins BIG in Cincinnati

Congratulation to John Wheeler of West Virginia on winning the Bowhunter Freestyle Indoor National Championship in Cincinnati on March 11th, 2018. John was shooting his Gearhead T36 and posted scores of 300 - 58X and 300 - 58X for a 600 - 116X for the Title.

Paul Trpkovski, Gearhead president and CEO was ecstatic with this win. Trpkovski said, “To think a month ago, Gearhead wins the Bowhunter Freestyle in Vegas with Eric Griggs and now the Bowhunter Freestyle Indoor National Championship with John Wheeler, it is simply amazing!”

Gearhead Archery has a generous contingency program in the Bowhunter Classes. If a shooter wins with a T24, T20 or T18, the contingencies bump up higher. Trpkovski continued, “Rewarding the Bowhunter Classes makes the most sense. We designed these bows to be the Bowhunter’s bow, we need to reward this class of archers when winning with Gearhead.”

The bridge style, shoot-though riser of the Gearheads is the foundation of this sweet shooting bow. Built to withstand incredible loads without deviation, the Gearhead Archery boss and pocket design provides the most sable riser platform on the market. Throw in a smooth draw cycle, a solid back wall and dead in the hand accuracy and Gearhead has a winner. Because of the construction, strength and inherent accuracy of these bows, it is easy to see why they are gaining in popularity.

Gearhead Archery looks forward to competing more on the largest stages of competition. Gearhead Archery is known as the Ultimate Hunting Bow, add the Pick a Grip option and we now have the Ultimate Shooting System with Target Bow accuracy!

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