Tuesday November 14, 2017   |
Wilde, Schaff Debut Elite Echelon With Success
Kris Schaff
Reo Wilde
West Henrietta, NY – On the heels of Elite Archery's triad-bow launch on November 7, Elite Archery's Kris Schaff and Reo Wilde put their new Echelon rigs to the test in separate competitions.
Wilde, competing in the World Archery indoor championship in Marrakesh, Morocco, unveiled his cobalt blue and green accented Echelon 39 and took fourth in the competition after the highest scoring match of the day (149-150) against Mike Schloesser of the Netherlands.
The Echelon did amazing, and shot the best I could have asked," said Wilde. "I can't be displeased with fourth because the bow shot so well. I think this bow is going to be amazing – we're going see great things come from it. I highly recommend heading into your local dealer to try it."
Over 5,000 miles away in Salt Lake City, Utah, Elite Pro Shooter Kris Schaff competed with his Echelon 39 at the Spots and Flakes shootout at Datus Archery. After the 450 round Saturday, Schaff took advantage of the adjustability of the Echelon to shorten his draw length and add more holding weight. These adjustments resulted in a third-place finish at the state tournament.
"Sunday morning came along and the bow felt awesome," Schaff said. "It was one of my tightest and easiest 29x's I've ever shot, and I believe that is all because of the forgiveness and shootability of the Echelon 39."
"Kris has proven he has what it takes to compete at a very high level. Early in the season, it sometimes takes a while to "knock the dust off". This past weekend in Salt Lake City Utah, he showed no signs of being rusty," said Darrin Christenberry, Elite Archery pro staff manager. "Getting yourself in a shoot-off for the win and landing on the podium is tough at any tournament. Kris is getting more and more experience at every tournament and we're going to see big things from him this year."
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