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Tuesday April 9, 2019   |
ALPS Outdoorz Renews and Expands its Sponsorship and Research Support of QUWF

Buffalo, MO: “There is no doubt, without support from leading companies like ALPS Outdoorz the advancement of wildlife recovery, clean streams and new research needed for today’s changing social and environmental challenges would not be possible” says Craig Alderman of the Quail and Upland Wildlife Federation (QUWF). “QUWF is unique in that our biologists and staff are actively trying to find new ways to enhance wildlife habitat by our landowner members, partners and sportsman whether it be with ATV attachments and ideas or tractor techniques to modifying traditionally accepted techniques. Ways that reduce time, costs and effort, three heavy weights on todays landowners whether private or public” Craig explains. “Then there is the super bonus, the exceptional line of high-quality products ALPS produces that are the exact fit with the needs of any habitat work, for any sportsman, any hunt or adventure outside. We have exclusively recommended some of their products for our unique “habitat wagon” that make a day in timber habitat work, fencing or stream projects enjoyable and safe” states Alderman.

“Our company and its staff are dedicated, enthusiastic outdoorsmen and women, hunters, anglers, campers and we get the message QUWF brings to the table. Hard work, hands on saws and shovels and making a difference at the local level, across this country, for all upland wildlife and clean streams” says Kyle Cary of ALPS. “We watch as they work to restore the wild ruffed grouse here in our home state of Missouri on 100,000 prepared acres of habitat, and have projects in Oregon for elk and mule deer at the same time. We understand how their current research on ground nesting predators makes a difference for landowners and land managers. They work at it 24/7” Kyle states.

“Challenges never stop for wildlife and clean stream efforts” states Nick Prough Chief Wildlife Biologist for QUWF. Now, extreme weather like we see in Nebraska, Missouri and Kansas experiencing unheard of flooding that will wipe out many species of game and take years to recover. Some farmers and ranchers are just giving up the battle and selling the lands for development. This is a 24/7 battle and we so need people who understand the true warriors, the landowners and sportsman who are the 1% who dig in and do the work. Not contracted projects, true efforts on the farm and ranch that immediately make a difference. Thank you, ALPS, for being the leader and understanding the true needs of wildlife and clean streams with QUWF” Prough says.

The Quail and Upland Wildlife Federation (QUWF), is the only Veteran founded and managed national conservation organization in the U.S., and the only multi-specie and clean stream national organization based in Missouri. QUWF turns-the-dirt locally and nationally with chapters that manage and control their own funds. To join QUWF, get involved locally with upland wildlife and habitat restoration/ clean streams or the new youth fishing teams, visit our web site at

“Preserve the Land and Clean Streams….Build the Habitat….Hunt and Fish for Generations” with QUWF.

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