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Trophy Ridge Announces Two New React Sights for 2018
Trophy Ridge React H4
Trophy Ridge React Alpha

EVANSVILLE, IN (October 4, 2017) – Trophy Ridge announced today two new React Technology™ bow sights to join the 2018 lineup of archery accessories. With the introduction of the React H4 and React Alpha, Trophy Ridge has delivered its first four-pin sight featuring React Technology™ and an all-new innovative inverted V-shape pin design.

Trophy Ridge's exclusive React Technology™ automatically sights in all pins after only two pin adjustments. With a simple turn of an integrated knob or using an Allen wrench, sighting in a React sight is extremely easy.

"Every consumer I talk to who is using a Trophy Ridge React sight tells me they can't believe how easy it is to use React Technology," says Dave Parker, Archery General Manager. "They wish they had started using these sights sooner."

The React H4 is a four 0.19" horizontal-pin sight perfect for shooting 195 to 330 feet per second. The H4 features React Technology, advanced tool-less windage and elevation adjustments, and second-axis leveling to strengthen accuracy over longer distances. This is the first React sight available to consumers at a retail price under $100.

The all-new Alpha React 1 introduces an innovative .019" single-pin design with a unique inverted V-shape that naturally guides the eye to the target, while not blocking vitals with the pin. In addition to React Technology, the Alpha also features advanced tool-less windage and elevation adjustments and second- and third-axis leveling to strengthen accuracy at severe angles and over longer distances.

Trophy Ridge is dedicated to creating smart, deadly-accurate archery accessories that give you a distinct advantage. Trophy Ridge is a division of Escalade Sports. For information on Trophy Ridge, its products, brands, instruction manuals, retailers, warranty, replacement parts, or customer service, please call 1-800-694-9494 or visit

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