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The 10005 GATCO Professional Knife Sharpening System
Just in time for Deer Camp.

Jacksonville, Alabama – GATCO® Sharpeners, one of the highest quality products in the manual sharpening industry, introduces an easy to use knife sharpening system that provides professional results with the 10005 GATCO Edgemate Professional Knife Sharpening System.

This sharpening system will sharpen all kitchen, sport, and utility cutlery including knives and cutting tools with serrated blades. The system includes five sharpening hones with Aluminum Oxide abrasives—one extra-coarse, one coarse, one medium, one fine and one designed specifically for serrated blades to provide the most professional edge someone can attain with their cutlery product. The system also includes a scientifically formulated honing oil and a custom case to neatly store and organize the GATCO equipment. The GATCO's exclusive knife clamp/angle guide allows users to easily sharpen their gear to a precise razor-like edge, without hesitation. Easy-to-follow knife sharpening instructions are also included with the 10005 GATCO Edgemate Professional Knife Sharpening System.

GATCO 10005 Edgemate Professional Knife Sharpening System Includes:

  • GATCO Exclusive Knife Clamp/Angle Guide

  • Abrasive Material: Aluminum Oxide

  • Extra-Coarse Sharpening Hone

  • Coarse Sharpening Hone

  • Medium Sharpening Hone

  • Fine Sharpening Hone

  • Serrated Knife Sharpening Hone

  • Scientifically Formulated Honing Oil

  • Custom Case

  • Easy-To-Follow Knife Sharpening Instructions

  • Made in America

  • MSRP: $59.99

For More information on the GATCO Edgemate Professional Knife Sharpening System, please click HERE or call 1-800-844-3034

About GATCO Sharpeners:
GATCO Sharpeners ranks among the top three sharpening companies in the world, offering the highest quality product in the manual sharpening industry, produce some of the finest sharpening equipment in the world and carry several types of sharpeners that are easy to use and built to last. GATCO Sharpeners are intended for all experience levels and their easy-to-use designs ensure every knife has a sharp edge for maximum cutting performance. To learn more about GATCO Sharpeners, please visit or call 1-800-844-3034.
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