Tuesday October 10, 2017   |
Argali Gives Hunters Resource for Choosing Outfitters
Hunters who want to go on a "bucket list" dream hunt face a problem once they know what and where they want to hunt: they have to find the best outfitter for that hunt, but there is no standardized clearinghouse for information about which outfitters would be the best choice for any given hunt.

Hunters have to comb through hundreds of listings and advertisements-and even after such a time-consuming process, they are not even assured to get linked up with the best outfitter. And even if the hunter finds an outfitter that looks good on paper, he has no way of knowing whether there's an even better outfitter for his hunt out there.

This has been a big problem for hunters . . . until now.

Argali, a U.S. company that uses a standardized set of criteria for vetting reputable outfitters, has the solution. They've launched a service that matches the hunter and his criteria for a given hunt against a database of reliable outfitters and the kinds of hunts they offer.

Hunters can go to Argali's website and make a profile of themselves and the hunts they want. Argali will then match the criteria provided by the hunter against the profiles of outfitters who have proven success in providing clients with kinds of hunts they are looking for.

Hunters who want to avoid the disappointment - not to mention the wasted time and money - of signing up for a hunt that isn't what they thought it would be can dramatically increase their chances of finding a successful hunt by signing up with Argali today.

For more information and to see how easy it is to create your own profile, check out the Argali website at
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