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Kentucky S3DA Holds Basic Training Instructor Course
Williamsburg, KY – Kentucky State Coordinator, Chris McDonald, held a Basic Instructor Training Course for new S3DA Office Staff.

A few other people who came to the class included: Andy Ferguson, Sarah, and Cody Perkins. The purpose of the Basic Instructor Course is to familiarize candidates with S3DA's background, structure, and goals, introduce candidates to paperwork and forms necessary to start a S3DA club/team and provide candidates an overview of S3DA training and competition opportunities. Scholastic 3-D Archery has recently published a brand new Basic Instructor Course 3rd Edition, which will be the new training course material going forward.

Cody and Sarah Perkins are residents of Williamsburg, Kentucky where they own an archery range called "Archery Perks" archery range. Cody and Sarah have a passion for bowhunting, and they want to help others learn all about it. Cody and Sarah say, "Several years ago we found out that we could do great things with a bow in our hands. Everyone should have the opportunity to put food on their table, enjoy a recreational activity with their friends and family, work towards a college education through competitive archery while gaining the discipline and responsibility that it takes to be a successful archer. Our mission is to build the sport of archery on top of a Christ like foundation. We believe that with discipline, proper training, and a love for archery, dreams will come true, goals will be reached, and memories made. In the future, some of the best shooters in the world can come from our small piece of Heaven here in southeastern Kentucky. We would like to do our part in nurturing our fellow archers and positively impacting every aspect of the sport. 'Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.' – 1st Corinthians Chapter 10: verse 31."

"I have had the opportunity to work with Cody and Sarah for some time now, and they are wonderfully gracious people," says Jennie Richardson, Executive Director of Scholastic 3-D Archery. "I know that Cody and Sarah have a passion for bowhunting and the outdoors because they ask questions and have a zeal always to improve. Their love of archery has also provided their community with a new archery range. The kids in their community and the surrounding areas are going to be thrilled to have the opportunity use this new range and to learn archery from such amazing people."

Started in December 2012 by the Scholastic Archery Association, S3DA has grown exponentially as a next step program to follow introductory programs offered as part of 4-H or the National Archery in Schools Program. S3DA addresses the need for a program to bridge beginning target archery experience and more advanced activities such as 3-D shooting and bowhunting. The program currently operates across the United States with hundreds of certified coaches serving thousands of young archers, grades 3–12.

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