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ScoutLook Reveals 2017 Ultimate Compound Bow Field Test Winners
SYRACUSE, NEW YORK – Are you in the market for a new premium bow? Nothing fuels the fire for upcoming fall hunting seasons like a neat new rig, and Team ScoutLook is ready to help you shop smarter with its 2017 Ultimate Compound Bow Field Test that considered eight of the newest premium bows on the market.

You can click here to view the "Overall Results" video that details winners of the three awards that were up for grabs: the ScoutLook Steal, the ScoutLook Silver, and the ScoutLook Editor's Choice.

Test bows included the Bowtech Reign 6, PSE Evolve, Mathews Halon 32, Xpedition Xplorer SS, Hoyt Pro Defiant, Elite Option 6, Prime Centergy and Obsession Hemorrhage DE. In the coming days and weeks you can find separate, individual test videos highlighting each of the eight tested bows, at

"Even after field-testing archery and hunting gear for more than 25 years, it never ceases to amaze all the information you can glean from head-to-head competition," said ScoutLook Executive Editor Mark Melotik. "After shooting these bows side by side from various distances on level ground and also from a treestand, it was easy to see and feel how bow companies are finding ways to make their best premium bows deliver even more hunter-friendly performance."

The eight bows were subjected to a battery of tests that included speed, mass weight and silence, and ScoutLook also considered things like fit and finish, ergonomics, letoff, draw cycle, and price point—in addition to the aforementioned shooting on level ground and from a treestand. The results were revealing.

All test bows were equipped with the same arsenal of premium accessories: a Vapor Trail Limb Driver Pro-V rest, Bee Stinger 8-inch Sport Hunter Xtreme Stabilizer, G5 Outdoors Meta Peep, and IQ Pro Hunter 3-pin bowsight. Test bows were shot into the new Block 6x6 target, and the realistic Glendel Full Rut Buck using new smaller-diameter Carbon Express Maxima Red SD carbon arrows

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