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S3DA Regional Held in Illinois
Illinois Clubs Attend First Scholastic 3-D Archery (S3DA)
Regional 3-D Tournament
Louisville, KY - The first Illinois Scholastic 3-D Archery (S3DA) Regional tournament of 2017 was held March 19th at Southern Illinois S3DA. Southern Illinois S3DA is located at 404 CR 1125E, New Haven, IL.
There were seven S3DA clubs represented; Havana Outdoors, Southern Illinois S3DA, Wabash
Bowhunters, Edwards County School, NCOE School, Gallatin County School and Hardin County School.

The Team Honors:
Elementary School - Edwards County
Middle School - NCOE
High School - Hardin County
Elementary Fixed Pins Female
1. Aly Williams - Edwards County
2. Paige Mosson - Edwards County
3. Bella Hall - NCOE
Elementary Fixed Pins Male
1. Wyatt Landingham - Edwards County
2. Collin Monroe - Gallatin County
3. Grant Jackson - Gallatin County
Elementary Traditional Male
1. Wyatt Wells - NCOE
Elementary Open Male
1. Hayden Sauls - NCOE
Middle Fixed Pins Female
1. Alexis Johnson - Havana Outdoors
2. Zepplyn Fiala - NCOE
3. Bree Vollman - NCOE
Middle Fixed Pins Male
1. Peyton Fallen - Edwards County
2. Ethan Wyatt - NCOE
3. Layne Whitley - Southern Illinois
Middle Open Male
1. Nate Garner - Southern Illinois
Middle Traditional Male
1. Colter Rister - NCOE
High Fixed Pins Female
1. Adriana Armstrong - Hardin County
2. Kassi Ketten - Hardin County
3. Krista Stanford - Hardin County
High Fixed Pins Male
1. Kenny Raigner - Wabash Bowhunters
2. Audie Goebel - Gallatin County
3. Hunter Horton - Edwards County
High Open Male
1. David Johnson Jr. - Havana Outdoors

"This tournament was a huge success," stated Ricky Sauls, Illinois S3DA State Coordinator. "I was very surprised at the number of students that came out to shoot in this tournament. Last year the first Regional Tournament in Illinois consisted of 20 kids. With 85 kids at the first Regional of 2017, I can't wait to see what the rest of the 2017 3-D season brings. I want to thank all the kids and their parents for allowing me to be a part of this experience with them. I also want to thank the coaches that volunteer their time to help these young archers."
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