Tuesday March 21, 2017   |
Team PSE Impressive at the 2017 NFAA Indoor Nationals
It was a great weekend for Team PSE at the 2017 NFAA Indoor Nationals in Cincinnati, with Team PSE's Stephan Hansen finishing second in Open Men's Pro, and PSE shooters Alex Wifler and Lewis Holmes III joined him in the shoot-off after the three competitors spent the weekend shooting perfect 300/60X. PSE Pro Shooter Scott Starnes also had a solid weekend, earning a spot in the top half of the field, while Kent Stigal took the crown in Senior Male Freestyle.

While the men shot well, the women of Team PSE were not going to be outdone. Dee Starnes took home the Senior Pro Female championship, and she had company at the top of the podium with Savanah Vanderwier (Champion, Young Adult Female), and Martha Lorence (Silver Senior Female) both taking the top spot in their divisions.

Congratulations to Team PSE for all of their hard work and great shooting this weekend at the NFAA Indoor Nationals. For more information, visit
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