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Tuesday May 15, 2018   |
Indiana S3DA Central Regional 3-D Tournament

Williamsburg, KY – Hilltop Archery Pro Shop in Wingate, Indiana hosted the S3DA Central Indiana Regional 3-D tournament with an incredible 236 archers from 10 different clubs and teams participating. Indiana S3DA continues to show remarkable growth with memberships of over 350 across the state. Indiana S3DA Coordinators and Coaches are always looking for new ways to get involved and help any child become more proficient in the S3DA program.   

Team ACUSA Outdoors parent Dewayne Bradfield stated, “It was a great day for archery and some good fine shooting from all the clubs and teams participating. I thoroughly enjoy watching these kids out here on the range. They have a blast.”

“Setting up the range and making sure everything was good to go made a long week of work, but it was well worth it for these kids. We enjoy being the host and we appreciate all the help and support we get from S3DA families, coaches, and students. It is cool to see some kids upon the podium who have never been there before because they really don’t know how to react,” said Hilltop Archers head coach David Stephens.   

Indiana S3DA State Coordinator, April Girvin states, “A special thanks goes to out to all participants, parents, coaches and volunteers for making this regional a success. We look forward to seeing equal, if not more, students participate in the next regional qualifier. A huge thank you to the colleges and universities including Southeastern Illinois College, University of the Cumberland’s, Bethel University, Campbellsville University and University of Pikeville for the scholarships and letters of interest that were provided for the high school winners.”



Elementary School Division:

8-11-year-old Female Traditional: 1st Ava Mershon, 2nd Lily Miskimen, 3rd Samantha Kilgore

8-11-year-old Male Traditional: 1st Alexander Kilgore, 2nd Isaiah Mobley, 3rd Dean Deel

8-11-year-old Female Fixed Pins: 1st Kaydence Kerr, 2nd Kirah Klepper, 3rd Jayde Pippin

8-11-year-old Male Fixed Pins: 1st Noah Coyle, 2nd Kaden Farmer, 3rd Garrett Cooksey

8-11-year-old Female Open Compound: 1st Emma Britt, 2nd Graycen Fletcher, 3rd Taylor Hudson

8-11-year-old Male Open Compound: 1st Chase Vance, 2nd Logan Vance, 3rd Liam Meadows

8-11-year-old Female Olympic Recurve:

8-11-year-old Male Olympic Recurve:

Middle School Division:

12-14-year-old Female Traditional: 1st Stella Steinberg, 2nd Isabelle Harrison, 3rd Brooklyn Nuhring

12-14-year-old Male Traditional: 1st Braydon Sheets, 2nd Wade Harrison

12-14-year-old Female Fixed Pins: 1st Emma Farmer, 2nd Carley Holubik, 3rd Lindsey Wilson

12-14-year-old Male Fixed Pins: 1st Kaden Meredith, 2nd Will Cope, 3rd Jonathan Francis

12-14-year-old Female Open Compound: 1st Lanie Nish, 2nd Taylor Clevenger, 3rd Leah Seaton

12-14-year-old Male Open Compound: 1st Blayne Sands, 2nd Casson Fletcher, 3rd Brock Hagan

12-14-year-old Female Olympic Recurve: 1st Olivia Hale

12-14-year-old Male Olympic Recurve: 1st Jared Richard

High School Division:

15-18-year-old Female Traditional: 1st Kylie Hathaway

15-18-year-old Male Traditional: 1st Kenny Puckett

15-18-year-old Female Fixed Pins: 1st Ashley Coffing, 2nd Brianna Shofner, 3rd Caryannah Stephens

15-18-year-old Male Fixed Pins: 1st Clay Dempsey, 2nd Blake Brosmer, 3rd Tanner Ballinger

15-18-year-old Female Open Compound: 1st Dakotah Meadows, 2nd Hannah Drudge, 3rd Allyson Bailiff

15-18-year-old Male Open Compound: 1st Cameron Sesco, 2nd Shawn Mountcastle, 3rd Branden Bradfield

15-18-year-old Female Olympic Recurve: 1st Ashley Virgin, 2nd Natalie Cash, 3rd Ayla Alibegovic

15-18-year-old Male Olympic Recurve: 1st Telivon Johnson

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