Tuesday January 9, 2018   |
Stop by the ElimiShield Kiosk at ATA to Stay Crud-Free

Anyone who has ever been to a winter tradeshow knows what the dreaded “Show Crud” is all about. Every January, attendees travel from all over the world to attend the ATA Show, bringing with them all their wares as well as unwanted bugs that spread like wildfire around the show. The crud can wreak havoc on your show experience and well beyond.

ElimiShield will have a sample kiosk at the Hunter Safety System (booth #1731) offering samples of the new FDA-compliant CORE Full Body Sanitizer to help ATA attendees stay crud-free. The same direct-to-skin technology that works so effectively to kill the bacteria that cause human odor, also kills the microbes that cause flu, strep, cold, bronchitis and other varieties of bacteria and viruses that gang up to become the dreaded show crud. Regular hand sanitizers only work on initial contact, but Elimishield Hunt® Scent Control Technology works on initial contact and keeps on working for up to 24 hours, long after traditional hand sanitizers have evaporated. The CORE even lasts through hand washings.

Stop by booth #1731 to get your free CORE sample, and shake hands fearlessly. Stop by daily; there is no charge and no limit on the samples.

For information on this line, call toll-free 877-296-3528; or visit

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