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Mathews' Jackie White Takes Senior Freestyle Unlimited Class in Vegas
The World Archery Festival was held February 8 - 10 in Las Vegas Nevada. This is considered to be the largest and most prestigious indoor tournament of the year. Shooters from all over the world compete at this tournament.

When the final shoot-offs were completed, Jackie White won the championship in the Freestyle Unlimited Championship Senior class.

In the Freestyle Championship Senior class, Jackie White won the title with a score of 899-67.

White has been on a roll this season winning the Iowa Pro/Am title before coming to Vegas. Mathews finished with four of the top ten finishers in the class.

The rest of the top ten included: Tom Coblentz, 897-60, 4th place; Richard Smith, 895-69, 6th place and Allan Ruddock, 895-60 in 9th place.

In the Freestyle Unlimited Championship Male class, Mathews had four shooters make it to the shoot off. When all the smoke had cleared, Levi Morgan was the top Mathews finisher. Morgan had a final score of 900-89 and finished in 4th place. Henry Bass was 8th with a score of 900-81, Kendall Woody was 10 the a score of 900-72. Njaal Aamaas won the Lucky Dog spot into the shoot off and finished in 12th with a score of 899-71.

In the Freestyle Unlimited Championship Female class, two competitors made it to the shoot off. Holly Larson fell one X short and finished in second place. Larson had a final score of 898-66.

Mathews finished with four shooters in the top 8 places. The rest of the top Mathews finishers included: Tristan Skarvan, 896-55, 5th place; Andrea Nicholson, 895-61, 6th place and Kailey Johnston, 894-68 in 8th place.
Dustin Landsinger, husband to Mathews employee Rose Landsinger, won the Freestyle Limited 1st flight championship.

Landsinger had a final score of 854-30 and defeated 32 other competitors in the class.
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