Tuesday February 19, 2013   |
Inflix™ 407 Carbon Bolts: Developed for Crossbows
Many bolts marketed and sold for use in today's powerful and efficient hunting crossbows are merely shortened versions of arrow shafts manufactured for conventional (vertical) bows.

Not so with Velocity Archery's Inflix™ carbon crossbow bolts, designed and produced by a crossbow company for use in - you guessed it - crossbows!

The 20-inch Inflix™ bolts utilize patented C6 spiral technology, resulting in a 40-percent stronger shaft and a 50-percent reduction in spine tolerances for greatly improved accuracy and peak performance.

Fitted with half-moon nocks and Blazer vanes fletched at a 2-degree offset to assure maximum broadhead flight, the Inflix™ bolt weighs a total of 407 grains when partnered with a 125-grain field point or broadhead.

In addition, the exclusive Black Ice Coating™ reduces noise and friction as the bolt glides down the flight rail - accurately on its way to the targeted quarry.

Available beginning Spring 2013, in a retail display 36 pack, or in a 6-pack.
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