Tuesday January 9, 2018   |
Galaxy Archery Adds Sage to New Line of Traditional Bows

The original Sage takedown recurve bow, the best-selling traditional bow in America, is becoming the Galaxy Sage.

The Sage is a traditional, takedown recurve bow that’s ideal for use by bowhunters, target shooters and backyard archers of all ages. 

Galaxy Archery is a new brand of recurves and longbows that was formed in 2017 by a team of passionate, dedicated archers who saw a great need for a line of quality archery gear kept in ample supply. 

The Galaxy Archery team includes designers and archers who developed the original Sage design nearly a decade ago using Samick as the manufacturer and brand. Galaxy Archery principals own the trademark rights on the name Sage and Sage Elite for use on bows. During 2018, the Sage model will transition from Samick to Galaxy as production is ramped up at new facilities.

The mission at Galaxy Archery is to provide customers with the very best recurve archery products at affordable prices, providing great margins for archery dealers and incredible value for customers. The new Galaxy Archery line assures a high level of quality control and customer service for the growing target, recreational, and traditional archery markets.

The affordability of the Sage, coupled with its durability and quality, are primary reasons why it’s been such a popular bow. The laminated wood riser, featuring one of the best grips on the market, combined with maple core limbs produce a bow that’s got the length, balance and shootability of bows that cost hundreds more.

The 62” Sage bows are easy to assemble and disassemble for transportation, and, with limb weights ranging from 25-60 pounds, in 5-pound increments – there’s a Sage that’s perfect for just about everyone.


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