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Tuesday May 15, 2018
Attending POMA’s Annual Business Conference? Here’s 10 Reasons Why You Should 
It sounds corny, but engage with media and make friends at the POMA Annual Business Conference, I know I do.

Registration is now open -June 12-15 in Lincoln, Nebraska. 

  1. I’m there. And frankly, I would like to meet you.  
  2. Networking opportunities are spot on – every year I either gain a client, or I’ve solidified a relationship with a current client. How do I solidify a relationship with a current client? I sponsor a cocktail hour and put their name on it. 
  3. Range Day & POMA Camps are spelled F-U-N: want to shoot a cannon? Sure! How about a .50 caliber muzzleloader from CVA? Yes! Test the latest crossbows on the market? Or even drive that 2018 Nissan Titan you’ve been eyeing? That’s here, too. 
  4. Find great content for your blog/podcast/other: Myself and many others have recorded engaging and insightful podcasts from the ‘conference floor.’ 
  5. You could be a speaker: do you excel at something and want to share the knowledge? POMA is always looking for dynamic speakers at their annual conference. 
  6. You could sit next to someone super important: Two conferences ago, I had dinner next to the now-U.S. Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke. I won his book, “American Commander” at the auction and had it signed for my hubby. Pretty sure that makes us besties now. 
  7. You could win a gun: same conference as above, I borrowed $2 from Fredy Riehl of Ammoland.Com so I could buy a chance for a Remington handgun. I won it. Fredy now has visiting rights to the gun. 
  8. You could help someone: you never know where you could help a fellow freelancer, or editor, learn more about something you know very well – like how to do Instagram Stories….or even how to sharpen a knife, as I was shown by Tom Claycomb four conferences ago. And the best part? They’ll remember you helped them and hopefully they can return the favor someday. Tom and I still chat to this day and he’s been a big help to me.
  9. You never know what you’ll learn sitting around the fire: its true while on hunting trips and it’s still true at the POMA conference. 
  10. Pre/post-media trips are amazing – Nebraska is welcoming POMA with open arms and has planned incredible pre-and-post media trips around the conference. I put my name in for the pre-trips; fingers crossed I’m chosen! 
U.S. Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke autographed his book for me, which I won during the auction at the Kalispell, MT Business Conference in 2016.

Register for the conference and learn more at See you in Nebraska!!

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