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Sunday September 11, 2018
5 Minutes with…Allison Jasper, ATA Senior Director of Marketing and Communications 

If you read your ATA Newsletter lately, you saw a blog by ATA CEO, Matt Kormann discussing the future of ATA. The ATA show has been on my mind as the opportunity to register as media is near (opens September 25!) Therefore, I thought it was high time I chat with ATA senior director of marketing and communications, Allison Jasper, to learn more about what Mr. Kormann eluded to in his blog for a “5 Minutes with…” Enjoy! Michelle Scheuermann, editor, Archery Wire.

Allison Jasper, senior director of marketing and communications for ATA

Allison, I understand the ATA is emerging from a one-year strategic planning process where you had several groups do a “deep dive” into the organization in several areas. One of those areas you are immediately taking action on is rebranding ATA.

Can you tell us more about why the organization came to this conclusion for a rebrand? What was it that the group uncovered during their session that led to this?

It was kind of a no-brainer. We spent so many hours working with your ATA’s Board of Directors, staff and other industry members on how we are going to change to move forward and develop new ideas to help increase participation. There was all this work being done on who we are, and what we need to become, the concept of a new brand was born through that workflow.

Why now?

There’s no time like the present. Now, more than ever, the industry is looking to us with challenges that we collectively are facing. We want to make sure we put our best foot forward while doing so, and that starts with the brand of the Archery Trade Association - what we believe in and what we are trying to accomplish for the future of the sports we all love.

Photo credit: Matt Kormann

When should we expect to start seeing the rebrand across your platforms?

Our new look, and brand will be released at the 2019 Trade Show. Right now, we are hard at work on our brand positioning, our new brand DNA, and new logo. We will be working to get our new logo on trade show signage, structures and hope to share our new brand with our members, and the industry through a great show experience in Louisville. The Show’s going to look different than any other year before, so we hope to see everyone in January.

What about at the show?

The new brand will be launched at the show in January. For ATA members and others vested in the industry, we will share the unveiling on social media but there’s going to be something about experiencing it in person. I hope everyone comes to #ATA2019 in Louisville. The atmosphere is already so electric with everyone under one roof, so launching the new brand at the Show was something we had to make happen. We have some ideas that we are working on to bring your ATA’s new brand to life. We hope to capture everyone’s attention at the show to educate members on our new mission, vision and core values. More importantly, we have 11 one-year priorities that we are working on to move the needle on increasing participation and preserving the sports of archery and bowhunting.

Can you share with us what you expect the rebrand to help/do for the organization? Or the industry as a whole? Let’s say a year from now – what are the expectations?

My expectation is that when you are speaking with someone in the industry, in a year from now they can without a doubt tell you the mission of the ATA, who we are and what we are working towards. Right now, there’s a disconnect. We want to be known as more than a trade show, we want to be known as a leading partner and a driving force in the industry to support our members.

How can we, as the archery and bowhunting industry, help with this rebrand?

We want people to pay attention, be engaged, and believe in what we are trying to build through a new brand. We always want to hear from the folks that keep this industry running, our members. We are the industries ATA, and we work for you. We are listening to what you are saying, the challenges everyone is facing, and we are really invested in making strides. If there’s one foundational pillar that our industry has, it’s passion. Mark my words that our brand will embody the passion for our industry and what we all are trying to accomplish with increasing participation in the sports of archery and bowhunting.

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