Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Midway Through GAS Shooters Taking Over Podiums

CLAY CITY, KY – At only the midway point through the year, GAS Bowstrings shooters have been dominating the podium and breaking records, continuing to prove GAS strings are the most accurate and reliable strings in the industry.

So far in 2022, GAS shooters have clinched 40 first-place finishes and accumulated 78 professional podium finishes at the ASA, IBO, NFAA, USA Archery, and World Archery events! GAS shooters have also smashed 4 national records and 1 world record so far in 2022!

GAS Bowstrings are tournament tested and podium proven which is why the best archers in the world choose GAS for the ultimate in bowstring performance!

These statistics are incredible, and we are excited to see how the year finishes up for these amazing archers!

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