Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Delta McKenzie Greenline: Get 2X the Use From Your Archery Target

Look for the green line—the Delta McKenzie Greenline™ block-style target is built to last. In head-to-head shooting tests, results show new Greenline will last up to two times longer extending target life on the archery range. The foundation of Greenline’s durability is its exclusive heavy-duty Mo’Foam™ layers. In addition, Greenline uses Delta’s patented process that welds the layers together into a single block. The resulting solid target offers four-sided shooting and further extends durability.

Greenline features:

  • Integrated handles molded into the sides of the block
  • Premium welded heavy-duty foam layers
  • Four shootable sides
  • Added stopping power
  • Made in USA

Visit your archery dealer or go to dmtargets.com to see the full line of Delta targets.