Tuesday, February 11, 2020

VEIL™ Camo Announced on New ViperStop Snake Boots

Concealment with Protection

Wichita, KS: Veil™ Camo, developer of the most innovative and advanced scientifically engineered concealment technology available, is pleased to announce their Alpine pattern on Dryshod’s New ViperStop Snake boots for 2020.

Dressed in Veil Alpine camo the new ViperStop snake boot is ideal for warm-weather hunting conditions. With an adjustable gusset, the ViperStop features a hand-laid, penetration-resistant rubber lower and upper and is two inches taller than other Dryshod models to deliver maximum protection from snake bites, brush, and debris.

Veil Breaks the Pattern from traditional camouflage patterns and offers the absolute best concealment for those who demand more. Veil offers many advanced concealment patterns that combines the mathematical concepts of fractal and chaos theory with vision and perception data compiled by wildlife researchers to deliver disruptive patterns to provide exceptional depth and blend almost seamlessly into natural backgrounds. With exclusivity among categories, Veil™ Camo offers performance-proven distinction for companies looking to separate their quality products from competitive brands. The Alpine camo is just one of many advanced concealment patterns developed by Veil Camo.

Veil™ is focused on partner and category selection with proven performance distinction that separates and elevates brands to the next level. For licensing opportunities, call Shelly Moore, SVP Sales and Marketing Veil™ Camo, 225.223.8110, or smoore@veilcamo.com.

About Veil Camo:

Veil Camo pushes the industry forward delivering cutting-edge, scientifically-engineered camouflage patterns that redefine what is possible for concealment. Veil is focused on partner and category selection with proven designs that elevate brands to the next level.

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