Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Two New Micro Brew™ Craft Scents, By Wildlife Research Center®

Two New Micro Brew™ Craft Scents, By Wildlife Research Center®

Wildlife Research Center®, the leader in Scent and Scent Elimination, is proud to introduce two new whitetail scents with Trapper John’s™ Ultimate Buck Lure® and Chainsaw Brian’s™ Premium Doe Estrus. The high performance all season & rut lure and revved-up estrus lure are part of Wildlife’s premium new line of Micro Brew™ Craft Scents. A tribute to its founders and family story. Each one has a unique blend of Super High-Quality ingredients to help enhance and bring your hunt to a Whole New Level™.

Trapper John’s™ Ultimate Buck Lure®, a tribute to the late founder, is made from a secret recipe locked up in a vault for 30 years. This complex lure combines old forgotten secrets from trappers of long ago, highly attractive oils and super premium doe urine with estrus secretions.

Pique many of a buck’s interest all at once. High Performance all season long and especially during the Rut.

Chainsaw Brian’s™ Premium Doe Estrus®. Brian owns more chainsaws than anyone we know, and he’s the perfect guy to have around deer camp when firewood is running low. It also turns out he knows a thing or two about deer lures as well.

This carefully crafted HIGH-OCTANE Doe Estrus Scent is made with our most premium Doe Urine with Estrus Secretions, and then supercharged with Territorial Musk™ and another secret ingredient to make it even hotter.

You never know, then the performance of this lure pays off, you just might need a couple trappers to help drag out that monster buck.

This premium line of high-performance lures are carefully crafted in small batches, by the scent masters at Wildlife Research Center® to optimize their strengths in various attraction qualities. MSRP on a 4 FL OZ bottle of super premium Trapper John’s™ Ultimate Buck Lure® and a magnum Key Wick is $29.99. MSRP on a 4 FL OZ bottle of super premium Chainsaw Brian’s™ Premium Doe Estrus® and a magnum Key Wick is $29.99.

Wildlife Research Center® is known for its innovative products in Scents and Scent Elimination. It’s their extreme passion and superior quality that has propelled them to be the leader in the category. “Helping Hunters Fill Tags for 37 Years!”

100% Money-Back Guaranteed – direct by Wildlife Research Center®.

For more information on the entire line of scent and scent elimination products from Wildlife Research Center®, visit www.wildlife.com.