Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Partners with Hunters Connect to Encourage and Give New Hunters an Educational Platform

Hunters Connect, the all-new YouTube channel and social media platform today announces the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation has become a sponsor to officially support the new platform for new hunters owned by the International Hunter Education Association, IHEA-USA.

“We thank the RMEF for stepping up and believing in this project. I know first-hand how much RMEF and its volunteers believe in supporting hunting, after all they own the phrase ’Hunting is Conservation’ and they live it as well. IHEA-USA is pleased to have this relationship with RMEF and our Hunters Connect program,” stated David Allen, IHEA-USA Executive Director.

Hunters Connect is offering a number of tools and resources to help lower hurdles and the learning curve for those who have recently entered the hunting world. These resources are structured with a heavy emphasis on using the R3 strategy. HunterEd.com will serve as the base camp for the Hunters Connect platform, it will direct hunter ed grads and new hunters to social platforms and a YouTube channel were there will be an abundance of digital media content and videos that cover the “how-to,” “where-to,” “when-to,” and “what-to.”

“Hunting generates vital funding that benefits land and wildlife conservation. That connection is undeniable,” said Steve Decker, RMEF vice president of Marketing. “This new Hunters Connect digital platform better educates viewers about that connection who can then share it with others.”

In a world that is quickly going digital, an average of 600,000 students go through Hunter Ed every year, and about 200,000 of those students take an online course option. These online course takers do not have as many resources or outreach to hunting mentors like the in-person sessions do. Hunters Connect will be posting weekly content and videos that will cover the topics that many new hunters struggle to find the answers to. With the support from Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, an organization that takes pride in making opportunity for hunting and outdoor recreation, will make efforts to bring a new population of people outside will be much more effective.

The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation plays a major role in today's conservation efforts. It focuses on protecting land that is crucial elk habitat, works to reestablish elk herds in historic ranges, funds and conducts a variety of projects to help improve wildlife habitat, while also advocating for hunting heritage and fighting for issues that benefit our natural resources. RMEF is very passionate about sustaining our hunting heritage. RMEF funded nearly 5,000 conservation and hunting heritage outreach projects to create a stronger future for tomorrow's hunters through its hunting heritage initiative.

“RMEF has a core value to educate and retain hunters. Hunters Connect is the perfect partnership to assist RMEF in their continued effort to engage these new hunters; the conservation leaders of tomorrow,” observes Randy Newberg, whose On Your Own Adventures production group is creating the Hunters Connect video content.

For more information contact

Jace McFetridge jmcfetridge@ihea-usa.org

Steve Decker sdecker@rmef.org