Tuesday, September 10, 2019

MonsterMeal Feeder Pellets

LaVergne, TN - The industry’s most complete nutritional product for wildlife is Monster Meal’s Feeder Pellets. Monster Meal Feeder Pellets closely mimic natural browse to help with digestion and nutrient uptake. Your whitetail population will prefer MonsterMeal pellets over other competing pelleted feed.

With 16% protein, MonsterMeal’s Feeder Pellets play a critical role in weight gain, milk production, and bone matrix development. MonsterMeal Feeder Pellets provide optimal levels of digestible protein and include necessary vitamin and mineral supplements for improved nutrition. MonsterMeal Feeder Pellets will transform your deer herd and your hunting experience.

MonsterMeal Feeder Pellets are specifically manufactured to be weather resistant for less waste, sacrifice nothing when it comes to attraction or palatability. The feeder pellets carry a sweet apple aroma and high energy to support reproduction and fawn growth. MonsterMeal Feeder Pellets represents the pinnacle of a complete supplemental feed and attractant.

MonsterMeal Feeder Pellets are available in 40# bags at $27.99. Get bigger deer, more deer, and more fawns using MonsterMeal Feeder Pellets.

For more information, visit www.monster-meal.com .

About MonsterMeal

For over 60 years, MonsterMeal has been dedicated to animal nutrition. MonsterMeal’s full-time nutritionists understand the ingredients that perform the best, are the most palatable, and supply a no-compromise solution for unsurpassed attraction and nutrition.

At MonsterMeal, the nutritionists, mill workers, and support people are hunters. They provide the best results for your hunt and herd. Anyone can find something deer are attracted to and put it in a bag, but when you’re ready to experience animal attraction, premium nutrition, and superior results, insist on MonsterMeal.--