Tuesday, November 26, 2019

MonsterMeal Rewards Three Winners At 2019 Hunters Extravaganza

LaVergne, TN- The Texas Trophy Hunters Extravaganza events proved once again that BIG is what Texas is all about. Three lucky attendees won a full pallet of MonsterMeal® feed and attractants just by joining The Texas Trophy Hunters Association! One winner was chosen from each of the Hunters Extravaganza Expos in Houston, Fort Worth, and San Antonio. Buddy Boss, one participant, came all the way from New York, and his trip paid off! The other winners were Craig Vontur of San Antonio and Carl Veasley of Beeville, Texas.

National Sales Manager at MonsterMeal®, Michael Hecht said, “Texas is the epicenter of supplemental feeding, and Texas Trophy Hunters is a go-to resource for showing product in the Texas market. We had an excellent series of shows in 2019 and plan on repeating that next year. MonsterMeal® wanted to leverage the opportunity to make a Texas-sized statement about our products, so three lucky individuals got a season’s worth of free product (about $800) for free. It’s our way of saying ‘Thank You’ for attending. We hope to see some pictures of legendary Texas bucks taken over our feed and attractant this year, especially from our lucky winners.”

For more information, visit Texas Trophy Hunters Association.

About Texas Trophy Hunters Association

In 1975, Jerry Johnston had a dream to bring together the most serious and passionate deer hunters everywhere, to learn from each other, share hunting stories and skills, improve our wildlife and habitat, and work together to protect and promote our hunting heritage for future generations. With that dream, and with the encouragement of family and friends, Jerry founded the Texas Trophy Hunters Association. It started in the humblest of beginnings (the original headquarters was a mobile home office in San Antonio) and through Jerry's persistence and passion, and with the enthusiastic help of a growing member base, the idea began to catch fire.

About MonsterMeal

MonsterMeal is dedicated to animal nutrition and supporting hunters. MonsterMeal’s full-time nutritionists understand the ingredients that perform the best, are the most palatable, and supply a no-compromise solution for unsurpassed attraction and nutrition. They provide the best results for your hunt and herd. Anyone can find something deer are attracted to and put it in a bag, but when you’re ready to experience animal attraction, premium nutrition, and superior results, insist on MonsterMeal.