Tuesday, August 13, 2019

National Bowhunter Education Foundation’s Mini 3-D “Stick-Pin” Deer and Bear




Rapid City, SD - One of the NBEF’s favorite teaching tools is back in stock: The Mini 3-D ‘Stick-Pin’ Deer and Mini 3-D Bear. These models are approximately 12” nose to tail and constructed of an ultra-durable foam while looking more realistic than ever before. These are the two most popular models of the Mini 3-D Series which also includes an Elk. The Mini 3-D Elk is expected to be reintroduced in 2020.

All Mini 3-D models are molded by Rinehart Targets, the industry leader in creating the most durable and ‘lifelike’ 3-D foam animals for the target world. Rinehart Targets are now enabling the NBEF to bring that same realism and foam technology into hunter education classrooms and outfitter camps. Another current Rinehart-NBEF cooperative project includes a tabletop life size white-tailed mid-section. This 3-D model has a removable scapula for hands- on demonstrations and pre-drilled arrow channels illustrating shot placement.

The Mini 3-D ‘Stick-Pin’ Deer and Bear come with a mock ‘arrow’ shaft for use when demonstrating shot placement and sell for $75.00 each. These and other NBEF items may be ordered by calling the NBEF at 605-716-0596 or placing your order on-line at www.nbef.org.

Bowhunter Education works hard every day to ensure the future of bowhunting. Each year thousands of committed volunteers donate time and money to Bowhunter Education throughout the world to create new and successful bowhunters. Whether taken online or in a classroom, the core curriculum remains standardized throughout all fifty states, Canada and numerous additional foreign countries.

For more information regarding the NBEF, please contact the National Bowhunter Education Foundation, P.O. Box 2934, Rapid City, SD 57709 or visit our website at www.nbef.org.