Tuesday, March 24, 2020

TRU Ball/AXCEL Archery Gold Tournament Sponsor for IBO

TRU Ball/AXCEL Archery, an international leader in archery manufacturing, is proud to announce an increase to Gold tournament sponsorship for the International Bowhunting Organization (IBO), a dedicated group of bowhunters who share the desire to ensure that bowhunting and the ideals of wildlife conservation survive, expand and flourish to be shared, enjoyed and passed on to future generations! Through this increased sponsorship level, TRU Ball/AXCEL is working to grow bowhunting and help make archery better!

“Our business gained the leadership position it now has by sponsoring major tournaments at a high level, by meeting several members of our archery family attending IBO events, and by supporting hundreds of professionals and staff shooters at IBO events. My daughter even met her husband, who is now a successful vascular surgeon, at an IBO World Championship event in New York. I can’t imagine the successes of our company over the past 25 years without a strong partnership with the IBO in our very first months in business,” said TRU Ball/AXCEL CEO Greg Summers.

Soon after its founding, IBO established a series of sanctioned tournaments worldwide in which participants may qualify to compete in an annual finale to be held in a large and accommodating, destination-type venue. Presently, hundreds of local and regional bowhunting clubs host qualifying events for the opportunity to participate in 3-D Archery’s largest and most prestigious event – The IBO World Championship. As part of the Triple Crown and World events, competitors regularly participate in a unique tradition, shooting the IBO Bowhunter Defense Fund Range. Fees collected from those who shoot these recreational ranges are earmarked for the IBO Bowhunter Defense Fund. To date, this fund has disbursed in excess of $700,000 to help ensure a strong and lasting future for bowhunting.

IBO CEO/President Bryan Marcum stated, “We’re proud of the history of the IBO, but we’re also excited for the future of our organization. Our efforts to grow archery and bowhunting are legendary and we are proud that TRU Ball/AXCEL has chosen to expand their sponsorship level of our tournaments! We welcome other archery manufacturers to grow with us, as our efforts will help everyone grow our sport!”

The IBO has announced partnerships that will make the sport grow. IBO has been working with NASP® (National Archery in the Schools Program) to offer an additional 3D archery opportunity for NASP® bullseye participants. State, National and World Championship level NASP® tournaments now see thousands of young shooters getting their first taste of 3D shooting and great practice for bowhunting, which ties directly back into IBO’s mission. IBO has been a major funding source of college scholarships for shooters who want to take their love of archery to the next level. IBO’s partnerships with these organizations make sponsorship of their tournaments critically important!

TRU Ball/AXCEL Archery’s increased sponsorship of IBO will empower 3D archery across America and help them fund bowhunting and youth programs that will make a difference in our future.

Background: TRU Ball/AXCEL Archery is a worldwide leader in archery manufacturing, producing archery release aids, sights, stabilizers, finger tabs, and scopes for archers worldwide. Their products have been used by bowhunters, IBO World Champions, and by a significant number of men’s Olympic medalists in London and Rio de Janeiro. Their products can be found in most archery pro shops, local dealers, and retailers in America and the world.